二月 05日



AMX by HARMAN Extends Industry Lead with World’s First 4K60 4:4:4 Video over IP Windowing Processor

Latest Windowing Processor Offers 4x1 Windowing for Industry-Leading N2400 Series Networked AV Solution

ISE (Stand #1-F10) – AMSTERDAM – HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in networked AV, today introduced the new AMX N2400 Series Windowing Processor, a network-based windowing processor that supports 4x1 windowing for the industry-leading AMX N2400 Series video over IP solution.

This latest entry in HARMAN’s line of networked AV windowing processors is capable of handling multiple real-time 4K60 streams with no video input or output connectors, greatly simplifying installation in network operations centers, basic digital signage applications and more.

HARMAN’s 10 years of leadership in enterprise-grade networked AV has led to the industry’s broadest range of networked AV solutions, with a variety of formats available as well as a number of network-based accessories, including audio transceivers, network video recorders, networked control devices and windowing processors. This allows HARMAN to provide the capabilities needed for any networked AV application. The AMX N2400 Series Windowing Processor further extends that lead, while bringing the industry’s first video over IP 4K60 4:4:4 windowing and video tiling solution.

The AMX N2400 Series Windowing Processor accepts up to four multicast video streams from AMX N2400 Series encoders at resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4. Users can mix 4K and HD sources in any configuration, including the ability to combine up to four HD sources together into a single 4K image. Each input can be cropped, scaled, and positioned according to stored presets (such as quad, window-in-window, 3+1, etc.) or in any user-defined configuration. The combined output video is then streamed to one or more N2400 Series Decoders.

Like the entire N2400 Series solution, the new windowing processor includes robust security capabilities, including user authentication, encryption, network service security and more. This provides IT professionals the confidence to implement N2400 Series solutions in any network environment.

“The new AMX N2400 Series Windowing Processors open up networked AV to a number of exciting applications, which is ultimately the goal with our networked AV portfolio,” says Shaun Robinson, VP, Corporate, Education and Government Customer Solutions for HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We meet the needs of our customers no matter the application, distance, network configuration or security posture, all while leveraging the full capabilities of the network. That’s only possible thanks to HARMAN’s continuing leadership in networked AV technology.”

Additional Details and Availability

HARMAN is showing the AMX NMX-WP-N2410 Windowing Processor in Stand #1-F10 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018. For further details on HARMAN’s windowing processor solutions, we invite you to visit: https://www.amx.com/en/product_families/windowing-processors  

二月 05日



AMX by HARMAN Brings 4K60 4:4:4, HDCP 2.2 to the Enova DGX 100 Series

New HDMI 2.0 Input / Output Cards Provide Full 4K60 4:4:4 Video Support and HDCP 2.2 Compliance

ISE (Stand #1-F10) – AMSTERDAM – HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, today introduced new 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 input and output cards for the AMX Enova DGX 100 Series digital matrix switchers. This leverages the full power of HDMI 2.0 and brings truly uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video and support for the latest HDCP 2.2 complaint sources to AMX Enova DGX 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 enclosures.

“With this new solution, users get the full capabilities of HDMI 2.0,” says Paul Hand, Product Manager, Video and Control for HARMAN Professional Solutions. “This allows them to experience 4K resolutions with the smoothness of a 60Hz refresh rate without compression or chroma subsampling, while supporting premium formats such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos®.”

The new cards for the Enova DGX 100 Series bring a variety of advanced features that future proof the system, ensuring the DGX Series will remain compatible with the latest video sources and displays. With HDCP 2.2 compliance, the new DGX HDMI boards provide hassle-free switching between the latest entertainment devices and all compliant displays. In addition, the new DGX HDMI boards work with HDR content, providing more realistic color images from capable source devices when using the Enova DGX 100 Series. It also provides pass-through support for the latest surround sound and immersive audio formats, including Dolby Atmos®.

“The addition of the DGX 4K60 HDMI cards further demonstrates that HARMAN remains committed to providing advanced, future-proof solutions for fully uncompressed 4K60 video distribution within the AMX Enova DGX platform,” says Paul Zielie, Government Solutions Manager for HARMAN Professional Solutions. “This ensures our customers can leverage HARMAN’s best-of-breed video technology and industry-leading security features to distribute video from anywhere to anywhere, no matter the infrastructure or network requirements.”

Additional Details and Availability

HARMAN is showing the AMX DGX 100 Series 4K60 solution in Stand #1-F10 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2018. For further details, we invite you to visit: https://www.amx.com/en-US/product_families/digital-media-switchers

十一月 30日

Septon electronic 1 email


HARMAN Professional Solutions Grants Distribution of AMX in Sweden to Septon Electronic

GÖTEBORG, Sweden—HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, video, lighting and control systems, including networked AV, today announced that Septon Electronic is taking over the distribution of AMX solutions in Sweden.

“We are pleased about this agreement,” said Fredrik Barnö, Channel Manager, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “Septon Electronic has been the Swedish distributor of HARMAN Professional’s audio portfolio for many years, and with their extensive market reach and thorough industry know-how, we have a strong partner on our side.”

The agreement applies to the full range of AMX product categories. Septon Electronic will focus on local sales and support of video control solutions. The HARMAN Professional team will concentrate on business development, specifically on creating synergies between the audio, video and lighting segments to create a singular HARMAN solution.

"AMX is established in the absolute premium segment, whereas Septon Electronic as a distributor is known for our broad scope of services,” commented Magnus Löndén, CEO, Septon Electronic. “We understand our customers’ need for solutions and support. With our hands-on market experience within all main segments, including corporate, education and government, we are thrilled to accommodate Swedish market demands with AMX products."

十月 18日

Avani 4 email


哈曼专业音视系统为曼谷 AVANI 河畔酒店打造豪华的音视体验

Mahajak Development 选择集成的哈曼音视解决方案,以获取先进的网络连接,直观的操作和顶级的音质

曼谷 - Mahajak Development Co., Ltd. 最近在曼谷 AVANI 河畔一间可俯瞰湄南河美景的豪华酒店安装了一套完整的哈曼网络音视解决方案。

除了 245 间客房和套房外,酒店还设有大堂、大宴会厅、五间会议室、多间餐厅和一个屋顶游泳池。为保证各个专业空间和环境提供一致的音频覆盖和联网音视,酒店业主 Minor International 聘请 Mahajak Development 安装了一套完整的哈曼音视解决方案。方案具体由 JBL Professional 扬声器、Crown 功放、BSS 信号处理器、Soundcraft 调音台和 AMX 网络音视系统组成。

Minor International 高级工程经理 Pakpoom Worakamolkul 表示:“我们要求 Mahajak Development 提供一套强大的音视解决方案,以适应各种活动和功能需求。”“得益于 JBL Control 系列扬声器多种多样的型号和尺寸,Mahajak 能够在每个不同的环境中定制解决方案,以提供最大的覆盖范围和语音清晰度。更重要的是,这些扬声器的观感和配色与周围环境完美融合。此外,在我们大宴会厅和会议空间部署的哈曼音视系统支持灵活配置,可以轻松针对不同类型的活动进行优化。”  

部署哈曼音视系统后,AVANI 河畔酒店现在能够举办婚礼、商务会议、私人聚会等各种活动。在大宴会厅,除 JBL Control 系列扬声器之外,还部署了 JBL EON 系列有源扬声器和 JBL STX818S 低音单元,以增强音量和低音响应。整个系统由 Crown CT 系列、XLi 系列和 XTi 2 系列功放驱动。

在混音方面,用途广泛、外形紧凑的 Soundcraft MFXi 调音台可供员工和来宾 DJ 使用以快速制作专业混音。在信号传输和处理方面,由 BSS Soundweb London 设备负责,其配套的 BSS BLU 控制面板使非技术人员也能轻松调整复杂的音视系统。另外,还可使用 AMX IS-SPX-1300 播放器对布置在每个活动空间外的数字标牌面板进行编程,从容掌握其占用状态。最后是作为宴会空间联网音视系统“骨干”的 AMX ENOVA 数字媒体切换器,可实现无缝音频播放和信号切换。

Mahajak Development 项目总监 Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom 表示:“曼谷 AVANI 河畔酒店对我们安装的网络哈曼音视系统非常满意。”“要设计一个能够满足所有技术要求的大型系统可不容易。幸好有哈曼提供源源不断的新款专业产品,我们才能为酒店打造他们梦寐以求的音视系统。”   


九月 18日

Cornerstone 7 email


哈曼专业音视系统为 Cornerstone 打造世界级的视听体验

集成商 Brad Schield 安装了一套完整的哈曼音响和照明解决方案,以提供卓越的音质、灵活性和易用性,从而满足各种演出的需求

加利福尼亚州伯克利市 - Brad C. Schield and Associates (BSA) 为伯克利新近开放的现场音乐馆、餐厅和露天啤酒花园 Cornerstone 设计和安装了一套运用哈曼专业音视系统旗下产品打造的完整音响和照明系统。

Cornerstone 承办了当地乐队、翻唱艺人和国家级巡演艺人,包括 The Offspring、Jefferson Starship、Third Eye Blind、George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic 等的各种演出。为能让音乐爱好者和艺人享受一流的视听体验,Cornerstone 的业主 Alex Popov 聘请 BSA 为这个 600 座的场地安装最顶级的网络音响和照明系统。针对这一委托,BSA 选择了由 JBL Professional 扬声器、Crown 功放、AKG 麦克风、Soundcraft 调音台,BSS 和 AMX 音视控制系统以及 Martin 照明灯具组成的完整联网哈曼音响和照明解决方案,以满足其专业演出、无缝集成和直观操作的需求。

Brad Schield 表示:“哈曼是创新音响技术的行业领导者。”“他们可以为我提供从麦克风和调音台到扬声器和功放的完整解决方案,而且全部可以无缝地协作。我可以享受一站式服务,不存在任何薄弱环节。这种优良的传统使哈曼成为了我们集成商最理想的合作伙伴。”

音响系统包括 18 台 JBL VT4886 线性阵列扬声器(在主调音区上方),6 台 JBL VT4883 低音单元(悬挂),4 台 JBL STX828S 低音单元(嵌入到舞台中)以及 JBL SRX 系列有源扬声器(用作舞台监听)。在餐厅内由 JBL SCS8 扬声器提供全频声音,而露天啤酒花园内则安装了 JBL AWC82 和 JBL SB2210 扬声器。整个系统由 Crown I-Tech 系列功放驱动,并通过 JBL V5 扬声器预设进行优化。此外,该系统还包括全套 AKG 麦克风,可满足任何现场声音需求。为确保在 13000 平方英尺的空间内实现最大的音频覆盖范围,BSA 使用 JBL VERTEC Line Array Calculator II 软件精心绘制出扬声器的位置和布局。

这套哈曼系统的供应和调谐委托给 Plus Four Marketing 进行。利用单一分销商和完整的哈曼解决方案,BSA 能够简化安装流程并快速高效地完成项目。

“安装在 Cornerstone 的哈曼系统几乎完美无缺,仅需很少的均衡调整。”Plus Four Marketing 的巡演音响和大型场馆专家 Keith Erickson 表示 “Soundcraft 调音台本身就带有可调用的预设,可以让音频在场地中随意移动。另外,音频也与 AMX 视频系统同步。整个系统通过 Dante 进行联网,无需有线配置。这使业主可轻松操作系统。此外,Alex 还利用哈曼的融资方案,一次性购买了所需要的所有设备。这使得项目更加精简和高效。”

Soundcraft Vi2000 和 Si Performer 数字现场调音台不仅提供了无与伦比的混音能力,还可以通过内置的 Dante 和 BLU link 接口连接在一起,以实现轻松的多轨录音和灵活的网络传输选择。利用 Dante 网络和配备了 BSS BLU link 的八通道 Crown DC-I 功放,音频可以传输到整个餐厅和露天啤酒花园的八个不同区域。Dante 网络可以收发设施中多个地点的音频信号。在场馆和露天啤酒花园中可以同时进行单独的表演,或者将主场馆的音频传输到餐厅和室外露台,让客人在设施的任何地方都能听到现场表演。

除此之外,BSA 还安装了一套照明设备,包括 13 个 Martin RUSH MH6 CT 和 4 个 Martin MH7 混合灯具。在 Martin M-PC 软件的控制下,照明设备可灵活满足本地艺人表演的需求,也可对拥有专属照明方案的巡演艺人起到补充作用。

“我们可以灵活地在每个区域提供完整的聆听体验。”Popov 表示。“我们要求一套可以无缝协作的音响系统。为此,我们前往全国各地的各类场馆调研。可以说,在 Cornerstone 部署的哈曼系统是其中的佼佼者。曾在此演出的 The Offspring 特地告诉我们这里的音响效果超级棒。要知道,他们可是在世界上最大型、规格最好的场馆中表演过的人物,这也从侧面印证了哈曼系统的超高水准。这种被夸奖的感觉好极了!”

八月 16日


Aston sentul email


哈曼专业音视系统给 Aston Sentul 湖畔度假村和会议中心的客人留下了永生难忘的体验

CSA Indonesia 部署了一个端到端的哈曼音视解决方案,为印度尼西亚湖畔度假胜地的会议和婚礼提供一流的宾客体验

印度尼西亚仙图市 - 四星级的 Aston Sentul 湖畔度假村和会议中心位于蓬勃发展的仙图市风景秀丽的湖畔,其壮丽的山脉景观给客人留下了难忘的居住体验。除了 212 间客房和 8 间别墅外,酒店还设有 11 间最先进的会议室和一间可容纳 900 人的宴会厅。为了给客人提供与酒店其他华丽区域相媲美的音视体验,业主聘请 CSA Indonesia 部署了完整的端到端哈曼音视解决方案以更新大宴会厅的音视系统。

“作为我们酒店皇冠上的明珠,宴会厅必须要部署最高质量的音视系统。”Aston Sentul 市场营销总监 Christian Djoeharnoko 表示。“同时,还要有配套的控制系统,让我们的工作人员能够轻松地进行音视调整。哈曼旗下品牌的大名早已如雷贯耳,所以我们相信 CSA 选择安装完整的哈曼音视解决方案。”

随着大规模城市发展计划的实施,仙图市在不久的将来会成为大型旅游胜地。预见了业务将随之暴增的 Aston Sentul 湖畔度假村和会议中心迅速成为了举办各类会议和活动的热门选择。

CSA Indonesia 首席执行官 Setiawan Winarto 表示:“Aston Sentul 湖畔度假村和会议中心是雅加达最大的酒店之一,管理层希望改善大宴会厅的音视体验以款待出席各种活动的宾客。”“为实现这个目标,我们安装了一个完全集成的哈曼解决方案,包括 JBL Professional 扬声器、Crown 功放和一个 AMX 控制系统。酒店管理团队对我们安装的系统交口称赞。事实上,他们满意到要求我们追加一套照明解决方案,因此我们毫不犹疑地选择了 Martin 灯具。”

可分隔成三个独立会议空间的主宴会厅配备了 JBL Control 40 系列天花扬声器,并由 Crown CDi 系列功放驱动。针对高度混响的高天花板应用,采用窄 75 度覆盖模式,可最大限度地减少墙壁反射和相邻扬声器之间的相位差异的 JBL Control 47HC 提供了卓越的语音清晰度。若酒店需要更强大的扩声,则可使用 JBL PRX 和 JBL EON 有源扬声器。Martin RUSH MH1 Profile Plus 和 Martin MAC Aura Wash 灯具提供灵活多彩的照明,完美贴合各种活动的氛围。

采用 AMX Enova DGX800-ENC 数字媒体切换器和 AMX NX-4200/NetLinx®NX 集成控制器的全面控制系统与 TP Control 软件集成,使工作人员利用触控式平板电脑就能控制酒店会议场所的所有音视设备。为使宾客更加方便地开展会议,还部署了 AMX Enzo 平台。这是一种灵活的会议演示系统,可让访客和演示者共享和协作处理存储在其个人设备上的文档和照片。

“很高兴看到我们的产品给 Aston Sentul 湖畔度假村和会议中心的客人留下了永生难忘的体验。”哈曼专业音视系统亚太地区副总裁兼总经理 Ramesh Jayaraman 表示。“我们相信,他们的投资将吸引更多新客户,并留住老客户。”



Soundcraft Si Expression 数字调音台

Crown CDi 系列功放

JBL Control Contractor 系列扬声器

dbx 数字区域处理器

AKG 无线麦克风

JBL PRX 系列扬声器

AMX 音视控制系统

AMX Enzo 演示系统

Martin Rush MH1 Profile Plus 灯具

Martin MAC Aura Wash 灯具


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哈曼专业音视系统为慕尼黑 Gasteig 文化中心带来新的调音动力

哈曼专业音视系统推出的 AMX Acendo Core 将协作体验提升到新的水平

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哈曼专业音视系统发布 AMX Acendo Book 调度触控面板

哈曼专业音视系统推出 AMX N2400 系列编码器和解码器,可在标准 GbE 网络上馈送影院级 4K 视频

HARMAN 专业音视系统推出内置网络音视技术的 AMX N7142 演示矩阵

哈曼专业音视系统发布集成了 Dante 网络音频技术的 Enova DGX 音频切换板

哈曼专业音视系统通过新的 AMX 快速项目制作 3.0 进一步简化音视配置

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