一月 10日


Durham University Elevates Learning Environments with HARMAN Professional Solutions

Saville Audio Visual deploys an advanced HARMAN AV over IP solution to allow students to connect, share and learn using cutting-edge technology

DURHAM, United KingdomSaville Audio Visual recently deployed a complete HARMAN Professional Solutions AV over IP solution at Durham University.

One of the most historic and prestigious universities in the world, Durham University offers research-led education delivered by world-leading experts in outstanding study facilities. Durham University aims to deliver a challenging and transformative education experience that leverages the latest digital technologies. 

Recently, Durham decided to update the AV solution installed in their Calman Learning Centre facility on the Mountjoy campus to a state-of-the-art AV over IP solution that would allow lectures and events to be streamed in real-time across the entire building. In order to achieve these goals, the university hired Saville Audio Visual to integrate an AMX by HARMAN SVSI networked media solution, which enables to university to flawlessly stream high definition interactive audio and video throughout the facility. With the SVSI system, live lectures and presentations can be shared with AV systems in any room—allowing up to 1,100 students and faculty to view the same presentation simultaneously.

“The AMX SVSI system has drastically improved the day to day operations of the technical team,” said Chris Pearson, AV Team Lead, Durham University. "In a building such as the Calman Learning Centre, which hosts large scale teaching and high profile events and with a small AV team supporting teaching spaces across the university, it is vital that we install systems that are flexible and highly reliable—the AMX SVSI system has exceeded our expectations in meeting these requirements.”

The Calman Learning Centre houses the largest teaching spaces on the university campus, comprising three dedicated lecture theatres and two large teaching rooms on the top floor. Each theatre is outfitted with state-of-the-art display, control and collaboration technology, including AMX Enova DGX 1600 digital media switcher systems. The DGX system uses DXLink technology to send the highest quality digital audio and video to receivers via existing CAT cabling.

Each theatre is also equipped with JBL line array speaker systems, which are powered by Crown amps to deliver perfectly-aligned sound distribution. Intuitive AMX touch panels offer control of the room systems with custom-programmed user interfaces, allowing students and faculty to quickly and easily control media. The two smaller classrooms on the top floor are equipped with AMX SVSI transmission systems, allowing the same switching, control, audio and video conferencing technology as the lecture theatres.

“Months of planning and technical work went into this project,” said Crispin Bloomfield, Director of IT Operations, Durham University. “Saville worked with us to overcome some infrastructure challenges that required clever solutions, plus they faced a very tight window to turn this flagship teaching building around. The project was flawlessly executed, on time and on budget.”

十一月 07日


  • DVX-2250HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 6x3 一体式演示切换器


     DXLink™ 多格式装饰风格壁板发射器 (US)

  • DX-RX

    DXLink™ HDMI 接收器模块

  • MSD-701

     7" Modero X® 系列 G4 壁挂触控面板


Bank of Thailand Future-Proofs New Learning Center with HARMAN Professional Solutions AV Systems

Mahajak Development deploys JBL Professional, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS, AMX and Martin solutions for interactive installations at Bank of Thailand’s Learning Center

BANGKOK, Thailand—Mahajak Development Co. recently deployed an end-to-end HARMAN Professional Solutions AV system at Bank of Thailand’s Learning Center library and museum.

Bank of Thailand is the central financial body overseeing all monetary policy in Thailand. Across the road from its Bangkhunprom Palace headquarters, the Bank recently established a Learning Center complex in its former mint facility. The five-story building contains the Prince Vivadhanajaya Library, dedicated presentation rooms and research areas, a banquet hall and the Bank of Thailand Museum, which offers guided tours and interactive exhibits about the history of Thai currency. The Learning Center required a flexible, integrated audiovisual solution that could be expanded and reconfigured as needed. To meet these goals, Bank of Thailand hired Mahajak Development to design a complete HARMAN Professional AV solution consisting of JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers, Soundcraft mixers, BSS signal processors, AMX control systems and Martin lighting fixtures.

“The idea was to create an interactive environment in the Learning Center using high-tech scalable solutions to ensure our future needs are met as the Center grows and changes,” said the spokesperson for Bank of Thailand. “The interactive exhibitions required clear speech reproduction, eye-catching visuals and advanced control systems to run it all seamlessly. HARMAN’s best-in-class audio systems, video switchers and interfaces helped us create an inspiring, collaborative experience at the Learning Center.”

For large events in the banquet hall and library, JBL VT4888 and AC599 loudspeakers with SRX812P and ASB7128 subwoofers project powerful, high fidelity sound. In the library’s presentation rooms, JBL AC195 full-range speakers and Control 16C/T ceiling units provide even coverage for mid-size audiences. The museum’s smaller exhibits utilize JBL LSR305 studio monitors and E55BT wireless headphones for private listening and audio assistance. Control 28-1 loudspeakers and SB-150 wireless subwoofers provide wide coverage for background music in the entrance hall. The system is powered by Crown I-Tech HD and DCi Series amplifiers. Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixers allow staff to easily make adjustments. Audio is routed through a network of BSS BLU-100 signal processors with flexible digital architecture that can be reconfigured as needed.

To enable seamless AV control, Mahajak outfitted the facility with a network of integrated AMX systems. DVX-2250HD presentation switchers and DGX digital media switchers form the core of the system, connected by DX-TX-DWP transmitters and DX-RX receivers. MSD-701 touch panels and the TPControl iPad app provide staff, presenters and guests with tactile interfaces for controlling various interactive features. Martin MAC Aura and Quantum Profile fixtures create an immersive lighting experience in the banquet hall and museum exhibits.

“A distinct venue like the Bank of Thailand Learning Center requires a world-class audio-visual system that provides end-to-end capabilities,” said Pongsakorn Kanchanachayphoom, Project Director at Mahajak Development. “HARMAN's diverse portfolio of products gave us the ability to build reliable, robust and future-proof AV systems for the venue. There were two overhead projectors installed to ensure complete real-time redundancy. During installation, we made adjustments to ensure the speakers were fitted at the right angles to deliver optimum audio experience.”

“Creating an interactive learning space for Bank of Thailand has been a unique, exciting challenge for HARMAN,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM of HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "The project required a sophisticated AV system that would deliver rich sound and stunning visuals for an immersive interactive experience. Leveraging our global experience with projects like this and Mahajak Development’s deep knowledge and capabilities, we were able to seamlessly execute the project.”

十月 24日


HARMAN Celebrates 30th Anniversary of AMX Touch Panels with New, Streamlined Control and Room Scheduling Panel Lineup

Best of Modero Control and Acendo Book Scheduling Built Into Simple to Order, Competitively Priced, Five Model Lineup to Support Wide Ranging Customer Needs

NORTHRIDGE, California – Today, HARMAN Professional Solutions announced a new lineup of control and room scheduling interfaces from its legendary AMX family of products – the new AMX Modero G5 Touch Panels and AMX Acendo Book Room Scheduling Panels. To better serve its customers, AMX has completely refined its touch panel product lines to create a single, five model lineup that draws on the best features of its award-winning Modero X and Modero S control panels, Acendo Book room scheduling panels, and G5 and G4 processing engines.

The new lineup is designed to support the unique and widely ranging interface needs of corporate, education, government, hospitality, and large venue customers. Five product SKUs cleverly deliver customers their choice of the most popular configurations and screen sizes. The new models simplify ordering, support, and technical updates by offering customers a software-configurable choice of control or room scheduling functionality (7” and 10” wall mount models). The new touch panels are available in tabletop and wall mount models, with 7”, 10”, and 20” screen sizes.

“We are truly excited to consolidate the best features of our control and scheduling panel family into a single five model lineup,” said Michael Saadeh, HARMAN Professional Solutions Product Manager, Video and Control. “With this move, we are also able to enhance our interfaces with features like enterprise-grade security, powerful graphics processing, and the latest in capacitive touch screen technology - all at an industry leading value. We are proud to continue to drive industry innovation in workforce collaboration and meeting room functionality – and now from a single, user-configurable interface.”

    Key new and enhanced features include:
  • User-configurable transformation to and from a Modero G5 control panel or an Acendo Book room scheduling panel with no programming or additional hardware required
  • Enhanced capacitive touch screens delivering an exceptional user experience
  • Enhanced side room availability LEDs that are nearly twice the current size for improved visibility
  • Support for 802.1x and IPv6 to address enterprise network requirements for Acendo Book configurations
  • For support of government and other sensitive applications, all of the new tabletop models do not include a microphone and all wall mount models may have their microphones disabled by software, physically detached, or both.

“For many of us that have literally grown up building AMX touch panels, we couldn’t be happier to share this news that also aligns with the 30th anniversary of the world's first touch panel by AMX in 1988,” said Shaun Robinson, HARMAN Professional Solutions, VP of Customer Solutions. “These new products underscore the mission we’ve had since day one - to build the smartest, most innovative, and most effective control and scheduling interfaces on the market, hands down. It’s clearly the reason why AMX continues to be the world’s most requested and respected brand to manage the top corporate, government, and education spaces.”

Details and Availability
We invite you to learn more about the new lineup of AMX control and room scheduling panels. For more information on the complete line of AMX corporate, education, and government-focused solutions, please visit amx.com.

九月 07日


Griffith University’s Red Zone Makes Future-Forward Interactive Learning Spaces a Reality with HARMAN Professional Solutions

Blending next-generation HARMAN Professional AV Solutions, imagination and technology, Videopro creates an immersive learning experience for visitors and students

BRISBANE, Australia—Videopro recently deployed HARMAN Professional AV Solution at Griffith University’s Red Zone to provide a dynamic, new experience for students and visitors to explore and visualize the realms of innovation and research.

Ranked in the top 3 percent of universities worldwide, with a network of five campuses located throughout Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, Griffith University recently conceptualized innovative new learning space called “Red Zones.” A Red Zone is designed to project appealing visuals on the walls and ceilings, creating an interactive, engaging learning experience. To bring this concept to reality, Griffith hired the leading AV specialists, Videopro, who devised the complete setup utilizing HARMAN Professional AV solutions consisting of AMX Modero® Touch Panels, Enova® DVX Presentation Switchers and DGX Digital Media Switchers, and JBL Control Series speakers.

"Griffith University needed state-of-the-art AV solution, enabling faculty to display media and presentations in new and compelling ways,” said Alex Russell, Senior Account Executive, Videopro. “We composed an easy-to-use interactive display wall, split into three separate sections, enabling students and staff to showcase their research activities, display presentations and video calls, and host industry events all in the same room.”

Aimed at creating an intriguing 3D projection wall and ceiling experience, Videopro installed a custom fiberglass dome screen with motion sensor technology to control user input.  Similar to the flight simulator model, the dome provides a complete 157-degree field of view. Four high brightness projectors in portrait orientation are blended to create a standard image. To minimize the audio spill, parabolic speakers were fixed. In addition, a Microtile touch wall was established to form the ultimate digital canvas during full-screen display. Finally, the augmented reality sandbox was used to create an augmented atmosphere that can be used to teach geographic, geologic and hydrological concepts.

Videopro outfitted Griffith University with Modero MSD-701-L and MSD-1001-L touch panels, which enable staff to quickly and easily set up multimedia presentations. The AMX HPX-1600 Retractable Connection Ports and the NetLinx NX-3200 Integrated Controller that controls a variety of components including audio/video conferencing and projectors make connecting mobile devices to the display system fast and easy. The Enova DVX-3155HD Presentation Switcher, DGX DVI input and output cards and DGX16-ENC DGX Enclosure offer high-quality audio and video distribution throughout the entire space. JBL Control 25AV and Control 65 P/T ceiling mounted speakers allow audience members to enjoy pristine sound from anywhere in the room.

"The Red Zone is a space that Griffith uses to showcase what we do. Its multifaceted zone allows us to create an enhanced participatory learning experience for students,” said Mery Connell, Griffith University. “Staff members can quickly integrate new media into lectures, allowing for more relevant and flexible conversations. None of that would be possible without the HARMAN Professional Solutions AV solution that Videopro designed for us. Over the last year, nearly 50,000 students have visited this room, and we see this as an indicator of project success. Not only do people like coming here, but it is our way of engaging with the larger community.”

"It is an honour for HARMAN Professional Solutions to be associated with Griffith University and to be able to extend customized, multifaceted solutions through a unified platform," said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. "We thank Videopro for their exceptional audio-visual services and for creating an immersive space that heightens student's awareness and encourages greater participation."

八月 01日


  • NX-2200

     NetLinx NX 集成控制器


HARMAN Professional Solutions Delivers An Immaculate Audio Experience at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma Complex

Ba Sao Investment selects JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS and AMX solutions to ensure exceptional sound quality and coverage for worship, lectures and more

BINH DINH, Vietnam—Ba Sao Investment recently installed a complete networked audio system by HARMAN Professional Solutions at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex.

Located 400 feet above sea level amid Binh Dinh’s lush mountainous terrain, Vietnam’s Cat Tien National Park is home to the sacred Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex, which covers an area of 155 acres. Thousands of religious devotees make pilgrimages to Linh Phong to pay homage to ancient Buddhist traditions and worship at the foot of the 220-foot tall statue of Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus flower, the tallest Buddhist statue in Vietnam. In order to ensure immaculate audio quality for meetings and lectures, Ba Sao Investment was hired to equip the Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex with a state-of-the-art networked audio system. Ba Sao selected a complete HARMAN networked AV system, comprised of solutions from JBL, Crown, Soundcraft, BSS and AMX.

“We’re honored to have designed the sound system for one of Vietnam’s most famous ancient spiritual resorts,” said Huu Tuan, Sales Manager, Ba Sao Investment. “The challenge was to deliver excellent sound quality, clarity and coverage to a huge area with speakers distributed along the 50-foot high ceiling. The seamless integration and reliable performance of HARMAN products enabled us to produce quality results at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex. We use HARMAN solutions for a wide range of AV installation projects, and our clients are always satisfied with the quality of our audio systems.”    

Ba Sao Investment met the challenge of distributing sound evenly throughout the large space by installing twelve JBL Control 12CT compact ceiling loudspeakers. Control 12CT speakers features a 3-inch driver mounted in a vented UV-resistant baffle, and its pre-attached backcan enabled the team to quickly and efficiently install the speakers in the 50-foot high ceiling. Ba Sao used Crown DCi DriveCore Install series amplifiers to supply clean and reliable power to the JBL Control 12CT ceiling speakers.

To enable easy day-to-day operation and scalability for future expansions, Ba Sao designed the system around an AMX NX-2200 NX Integrated Controller. The team also networked the audio system using a BSS Soundweb London BLU-100, which offers a fixed configuration of inputs and outputs and a low-latency fault-tolerant digital audio bus, providing the building blocks of a perfectly tailored system solution. For mixing of input signals, Ba Sao included a Soundcraft Signature 12 console, which offers lots of headroom, superb signal-to-noise ratio and Sapphyre Assymetric EQ for shaping the frequency response or every vocal microphone and instrumental element.  

“It’s a huge privilege to see our products enhancing experiences for worshippers and tourists at Linh Phong Spiritual Dharma complex,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “HARMAN solutions are used widely in houses of worship, where balance, clarity and focused sound quality are essential for setting a pristine environment in which attendees can clearly understand the teacher’s spiritual messages. We thank Ba Sao Investment for relying on HARMAN products to successfully implement their innovative methods, technical expertise and customer-first approach.”

七月 27日


HARMAN Professional Solutions Helps Huawei Connect 180,000 Employees

Intellismart Technology deploys cutting-edge HARMAN Professional Solutions AV solution for seamless video conferencing at Huawei

TAGUIG, Phillipines—Intellismart Technology Inc. recently deployed a cutting-edge HARMAN Professional Solutions AV solution at Huawei for seamless video conferencing.  

Huawei is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, with products and services available in over 170 countries. Specializing in information and communications technology and smart devices, Huawei is committed to bringing digital devices to every person, home and organization in the world. In order to facilitate more efficient communication across their network more than 180,000 employees, Huawei hired IT specialists Intellismart Technology Inc. to install a complete HARMAN Professional Solutions AV solution capable of streaming high definition audio and video seamlessly throughout the facility.

“Our biggest concern was being able to interface with Huawei’s existing AV system,” said Gerry Sy, President of Intellismart Technology. “Huawei's war room has an 8’ x 3’ video wall system designed to control and display 18 different programs. With the new AMX SVSI control system, they can now control everything with Tablet.”

The Huawei facilities feature a networked AMX SVSI control system, JBL Professional speakers, Crown amplifiers, AKG microphones and BSS digital signal processors. The new system enables Huawei’s war room to double as a venue for large meetings and video conferencing events. Thanks to the advanced AMX SVSI AV solution, Huawei are able to stream 4K HD video throughout their entire facility with unperceivable latency.

“The new HARMAN AV solution has been tremendously helpful in improving communication as well as efficiency here at Huawei,” said Benzen N Magdasoc, IT Team Lead of Huawei. “The SVSI system offers more advanced features than our old system with simpler controls—allowing us to concentrate more on communication rather than the complexity of the tools.”

“We are privileged to be the brand of choice for Huawei, Philippines.” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC. “We thank our partners Intellismart Technology Inc. for their strong customer relationship, delivering results holistically and creating a truly captivating experience in Huawei that elevates conferencing experiences”

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