Touch Panel Design/Programming for Modero X G5 Touch Panels

Create state-of-the-art touch panel interfaces for AMX G5 Touch Panels using the TPDesign application. TPDesign5 features enhanced ease of use, speed and functionality, as well as the ability to add Apps to the G5 control environment.

TPDesign5 supports the AMX G5 touch panels.


TPD5 | New Features in Touch Panel Design 5 - Part 1


TPD5 | Configuring & Using Apps - Part 2


TPD5 | Collapsible Popups - Part 3





  • International font capabilities on the user interface including support for right to left languages such as Arabic. A combination of language styles (right to left, and left to right) can also be used. So you can you include Arabic and English on the same screen.
  • Gesture touch recognition with precise velocity and prioritization
    • This feature provides the ability to program gestures on the touch-screen. These gestures include:
      • Left swipe
      • Right swipe
      • Up swipe
      • Down swipe
      • Clockwise
      • Counter-clockwise
      • Double-tap
  • Gestures are implemented in G5 similar to external buttons. They can be programmed with panel-wide defaults that can optionally be overridden for specific pages. Gestures can be edited on the panel's external-buttons page.
  • Page Flip Animations
    • This feature provides for a variety of animated page flip
      • slide
      • slide bounce
      • black glass
      • fade
      • door fade
      • page curl
      • center door fade
  • Embed certain Apps such as web browsers or Skype™ within the control environment as free-floating windows or fixed docking windows.


Touch Panel Design/Programming for Modero X G5 Touch Panels