N2400 系列 4K60 4:4:4 窗口化处理器


AMX NMX-WP-N2410 4K60 4:4:4 窗口化处理器可与 N2400 系列 IP 视频编码器和解码器配合使用。 NMX-WP-N2410 能够处理多个实时 4K60 网络音视流,而无需视频输入或输出连接器,只需使用网络连接。 这是专业音视技术窗口化处理传统方式的根本转变,不仅提升了工作能力与灵活性,还有助于降低安装和支持成本。 凭借 NMX-WP-N2410,用户最多可以将四个高清源一起组合成一个 4K 图像,并以任意配置混合 4K 和高清源。

N2400 系列窗口化处理器是一款 1RU 机架式 4x1 窗口化装置,可连接至 N2400 系列 IP 视频网络,最多可接受来自 AMX N2400 系列编码器的四路视频流。 每路输入均可根据所存预设条件(例如 quad、window-in-window 和 3+1 等)或按用户自定义配置裁剪、缩放和定位。 合并的输出视频流能够以高达 4K60 4:4:4 的分辨率流式传输到一个或多个 N2400 系列解码器。可以堆叠多个 4×1 窗口化处理器,以提供 7×1、10×1、13×1、16×1 或更大的容量。




  • Up to 4 Video Streams – Accepts up to four independent video streams in addition to user-defined static backgrounds.
  • 4x1 Windowing + Stacking – 4×1 windowing with stacking capability.
  • 4K60 4:4:4 Output – Output to the latest displays with no loss of quality.
  • Built-In Web Interface – Easy-to-use, built-in web browser interface provides pallets to manipulate each ‘window’ stream: Crop, scale and position in seconds.
  • Audio Matrix Switch – Built-in audio matrix switch allows selection of any audio stream for Windowing Processor output.
  • Locate Anywhere on the Video Network – Networked AV inputs and outputs mean the N2410 does not have to be located near the sources or the displays, which often have space limitations.
  • Retrofit Capable – Easily retrofits to an existing N2400 Series video network.


尺寸(高 x 宽 x 厚) 1.75" x 17.25" x 12" (4.5 cm x 43.8 cm x 30.5 cm)
信号类型支持 Input: Up to four N2400 network video sources over Ethernet; Output: N2400 network video over Ethernet
视频输入分辨率 Minimum resolution of 640x480p; Maximum horizontal resolution of 4096 or a vertical resolution of 2160; See Data Sheet for details.
视频输出分辨率 Supports most common UHD up to 4096x2160
前面板组件 Reset button, Power LED, Status LED, Diagnostic LEDs. See Data Sheet for details.
后面板组件 One 120 Volt AC power input, 8-wire RJ45 female, 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000Base-T auto-sensing gigabit Ethernet switch port, 1000 Mbps 1000Base-T gigabit Ethernet switch ports. See Data Sheet for details.
FG Numbers FGN2410



N2400 系列 4K60 4:4:4 窗口化处理器