NMX-ATC-N4321-C 音频收发器卡

IP 音频收发器卡

NMX-ATC-N4321 音频收发器是一款 IP 音频解决方案,可通过 IP 发送和接收双声道平衡或非平衡音频。只需将平衡音频输入连接至输入端口便可转换为可像数据或声音一样切换和传送的 IP 数据包。平衡音频输出接收 IP 音频流并进行解码模拟,同时保持较高的音频保真度。NMX-ATC-N4321 完美适用于点对点或点对多点音频传输,利用与 SVSI 联网音视视频切换与馈送解决方案相同的控制选项实现音频矩阵切换和馈送。

各装置可通过两个自感应千兆以太网端口以堆栈方式利用家庭网络或物理独立网络传输低延迟多声道音频。每个以太网端口就是一个 POE,与 POE 开关配合使用,无需借助外部电源。NMX-ATC-N4321 可构建含任意数量输入和输出的音频矩阵。由于音频控制机制与 SVSI 的 IP 视频矩阵完全相同,因此视频和音频矩阵可利用相同的控制器进行组合布设,最终实现数字媒体馈送。





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SVSI N4000 Audio over IP Transceiver Firmware Updater
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  • Input: 2-channel user selectable balanced or unbalanced audio.
  • Output
    • 2-channel balanced audio (1x 5-pin phoenix connector)
    • 2-channel unbalanced audio (headphone jack)
  • Analog-To-Digital Conversion: 16-bit 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
  • Phantom Power: 48V on each of the input audio pins (L+, L-, R+, R-), 7mA per pin, or 14mA per channel
滞后时间 Audio: 20ms (excluding network propagation)
通讯 Ethernet: Multi-cast, unicast, IGMP v3, IPv6, layer-2 and layer-3 switch compatible.
  • +12V 2A: One 12 Volt DC power input
  • P0 POE
    • 8-wire RJ45 female
    • 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000Base-T auto-sensing gigabit Ethernet switch port. Provides both the network connection and the power to the Encoders and Decoders
  • P1
    • 8-wire RJ45 female
    • 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000Base-T auto-sensing gigabit Ethernet switch port
  • GPI: General purpose input
  • RELAY: 2-channel relay port
  • AUDIO IN: 5-pin terminal Phoenix connector which provides user-selectable balanced/ unbalanced input. Dedicated audio input.
  • AUDIO OUT: 5-pin terminal Phoenix connector which provides user-selectable balanced audio output. Dedicated audio output.
  • HEADPHONE JACK: 2-channel, unbalanced audio output
Controls and Indicators - Front Panel
  • RESET button: Recessed pushbutton. Press to initiate a 'warm restart' causing the processor to reset, but not lose power. A reset does NOT affect the current settings.
  • ID button: Recessed pushbutton. Press to send a notification out on the network to identify the unit (the notification causes a pop-up dialog in N-Able and N-Command).
  • POWER LED: On solid (green) when operating power is supplied (via PoE or local power supply). This activity is also shown by the PWR LED on the rear panel.
  • STATUS LED: On flashing (green) when there is software activity. This activity is also shown by the STAT LED on the rear panel.
Controls and Indicators - Rear Panel
  • PWR LED: Same as POWER LED described above.
  • DVI LED: On (green) when a DVI input connection exists
  • STAT LED: Same as STATUS LED described above.
  • STRM LED: On (green) when the unit is streaming video
  • Regulatory Compliance: FCC, CE, and NTRL
  • Recommended Accessories: NMX-ACC-N9206 (FGN9206), 2RU Rack Mount Cage with Power for Six SVSI N-Series Card Units
FG Numbers FGN4321-CD
  • NMX-ACC-N9206

    适于六台 SVSI N 系列卡单元的 2RU 机架安装插件框架(含电源)