Acendo Vibe Firmware v3.1.2

Last Updated: 10月24日

Release Notes
All Acendo Vibe models (ACV-2100, ACV-5100)

FG #: FG4121-00BL, FG4121-00GR, FG4151-00BL, FG4151-00GR
(including all model numbers with suffixes i.e. -00, -UA, -EK, -KR, -CN)

Firmware Release Version: v3.1.2
Release Date: 10/23/2018

PREREQUISITES: Must use Acendo Vibe Configuration Tool version 1.1.6 or newer to
update firmware on Acendo Vibe to v3.1.2 or newer


New Features in This Release

* Improved conference call audio quality
1. DSP firmware updated based on Skype for Business specification testing
2. Amplifier Equalizer adjusted to remove excessive low frequency
3. Maximum Amplifier volume limit tuned
4. Improvements to Bluetooth audio levels

* Added support for revert-to-factory firmware updates (factory backup and upgrade image)
to maximize update reliability. Once v3.x.x or higher firmware is installed,
a backup factory image will always remain in case of update failure in the future

* The following additional conditions have been added which ensure a Vibe is active,
which prevents the unit from going into vacancy mode or low power mode(if enabled)
1. Any valid serial message received
2. Active video

Firmware Issues Fixed in This Release

* Improvement made to CEC "control" comms for hot plug to TV

* Fixed issue with CEC commands not being sent out if HDMI connect delay is 0

* Fixed issue with ACV-2100 where low power mode is only triggered after
additional delay time used only for ACV-5100

* Changed default delay for low power mode on ACV-2100 units

* Resolved bug where hardware version is displayed incorrectly


Known Issues/Requests
* If your Acendo Vibe sound bar hardware is version 2 and firmware is legacy
version 2.x.x, then it is important to follow specific instructions for any
firmware update "Ensure that your Acendo Vibe has been unplugged for 15 minutes
to cool off and that you are using the included USB cable without extenders
before starting firmware transfer"
* Firmware upgrade may be successful, although an error may be displayed.
Please check the firmware version numbers after transfer completes to confirm
* Mac of Config Tool does not support DSP firmware upgrade, although text dialog may
imply it does
* Do not disconnect power or USB cable when transferring firmware update, as it can
corrupt Acendo Vibe and require product service with Harman Technical Support

* Volume control from laptops over USB is not supported. Must control volume on
the Vibe via remote, keypad, or RS232.
* Bluetooth Audio connections from a laptop are supported, but Bluetooth HFP (conferencing)
is not fully supported depending on the laptop hardware
* The use of external sound reinforcement speakers via AUX OUT is only recommended for
audio playback, not for audio conferencing, as it reduces the effectiveness of the AEC
* Acendo Vibe does not include 3-pin/6-pin Phoenix connectors for advanced integration
* Camera-in-use LED ring may not turn off immediately at the conclusion of a web conference
* Camera operates at 60Hz and may have lighting strobe effect in certain lighting environments
* Acendo Vibe supports only stereo sound, not surround sound audio inputs
* Small static "pop" can be heard on aux. out when cycling thru audio sources


  • ACV-2100


     Acendo Vibe 会议条形音响

  • ACV-5100


     带摄像头的 Acendo Vibe 会议条形音响