Modero MVP-9000i Touch Panel Firmware v2.86.86

Last Updated: 3月16日

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Changes in this release:

  • Fixed issue with the flyout buttons on the left side of the front panel. The panel will appear to stall and possibly revert to the main startup page if any of the four flyout buttons are pressed after a bootup but before the capacitive touch pad on the right side of the front panel is pressed.
  • Fixed a SIP registration issue where registration with some SIP proxies would fail if the proxy was unable to accept an "expires" value of 180 seconds. An "expires" value of 3600 is now the default.
  • Fixed a SIP issue where cycling the SIP state between enabled and disabled could sometimes cause the panel to get stuck in a state where it could no longer register with the proxy until the panel was rebooted.
  • Fixed issue where user was unabled to enter setup pages by holding their finger on the screen during boot.
  • Fixed issue with a channel assigned to the cradle sensor getting out of sync after a reboot.
  • Fixed issue where motion jpeg images would not display if the server rejected HTTP/1.0 requests.
  • Fixed issue where the dock sound would play any time the panel became disconnected from the master.
  • Updated WiFi firmware to conform to R&TTE adaptivity requirements described in the ETSI R&TTE EN 300 328 v1.8.1 standard.



After upgrading you MUST resave wireless settings. You do not have to reenter the settings. Open wireless page and press save.

Band Selection: Note - The band selection will effect what you see when doing a site survey.

802.11a/b/g -> A and B bands, all channels
802.11b/g -> B band, channels 1,6,11
802.11a -> A band, all channels

Active roaming:
Disabled -> Roaming is passive, and will only occur when the panel loses connection to its current access point Enabled -> The panel is actively looking for better access points to roam to.

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