Modero NXD-430 and NXD-435 Touch Panel Firmware v2.4.27

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Modero NXD-430 and NXD-435 Touch Panel Firmware v2.86.6. ×

Last Updated: 3月16日

Changes in This Release Since Version 2.4.23:

  • Fixed a NAND memory management problem where single memory bit errors were not being corrected before being copied into RAM
  • Fixed a NAND memory management problem where blocks that went bad were not being marked and skipped when upgrading firmware
  • Fixed the upgrade process when a corrupt or incomplete kit file was sent to the panel and was upgraded to the NAND memory; the corrupt or incomplete kit files are now removed from the system upon reboot
  • Added a popup indicating failed firmware upgrade attempts
  • Fixed problem with displaying dynamic images from a Ganz camera
  • Fixed problem with displaying motion jpeg (mjpeg) images from a Ganz camera
  • Fixed a race condition in which the panel hangs on boot logo on reboot/power on
  • Fixed a fault in which the panel is unresponsive after entering sleep/backlight off
  • Fixed small issue with dynamic images related to Panasonic cameras
  • Fixed the way the number of panel ports/channels/levels are reported to the master to reduce the amount of memory required by the master to maintain states


Known Issues:
The following track items are still unresolved:

  • In landscape mode, cross hair follows on "Touch Settings"
  • Direct level control, cursor trail jitter on Bargraph and Joystick levels
  • Image cache status values are not updated properly
  • If ^BVT send command is sent twice, the panel locks up
  • Demo pages do not display correctly in portrait mode
  • Panel locks up when running .jpg s/w dynamic image
  • Stability test failures
  • Cache send commands are not working properly
  • "set ip" telnet command is not working
  • Device name field only allows limited special characters