N1X33 Updater v1.15.18

Last Updated: 11月11日

Product Name: N-Series N1x33 Video Encoder/Decoder
FG #: FGN1133-SA (NMX-ENC-1133)
FGN1233-SA (NMX-DEC-1233)
FGN1133-CD (NMX-ENC-1133-C)
FGN1233-CD (NMX-DEC-1233-C)

Version: v1.15.18
Release Date: 04/10/2018

1. Prerequisites

- None

2. Revision History
Version 04/10/2018 (v1.15.18)
• Added a new optional IR method
• Add commands for relative volume controls

Version 03/16/2018 (v1.15.17)
• Netlinx bugfix - buffer RS-232 serial responses to minimize data events
• Fix analog audio left/right bleed issue

Version 03/13/2018 (v1.15.16)
• Improved IR output compatiblility
• Disable SSL ciphers in TLS1.1 and older
• Improve detection of audio codec ESD event
• Add option 'Resync HDMI on Live Play' for compatibility with some displays

Version 02/12/2018 (v1.15.13):
• Improve handling of serial data

Version 02/05/2018 (v1.15.12):
• Correct issue with video artifacts
• Improve audio codec ESD resilience
• Updated web security to fix vulnerabilities

Version 01/05/2018 (v1.15.10):
• Correct AES67 audio compatibility with QSC Core
• NetLinx bugfixes

Version 11/27/2017 (v1.15.9):
• Add support for Samsung Touchpanel
• NetLinx bugfixes

Version 11/27/2017 (v1.15.8):
• Correct playback of multichannel AES67 audio

Version 9/8/2017 (v1.15.7):
• Corrected an issue with 1080i resolution

Version 9/8/2017 (v1.15.6):
• Fix potential issue where Hostplay can fail.

Version 8/31/2017 (v1.15.5)
• Improved camera standby support
• Improved detection of DVI vs. HDMI audio on certain sources
• AES67 defaults to port 5004 on factory restore

Version 8/29/2017 (v1.15.4)
• Added Stream Loss Action on web page and select None, HDMI Disable, or Standby mode
• Audio codec recovers from ESD faster
• AES67 limited to 239.x.x.x addresses

Version 8/2/2017 (v1.15.2)
• Netlinx 0.0.32: Defaults to RXON to automatically handle string responses
• Added additional HID touchscreens support
• Interleaved audio streams output correctly when in MPC mode

Version 7/19/2017 (v1.15.1)
• Improved handling of video sources in standby

Version 7/17/2017 (v1.15.0)
• Added 'Display Hostplay on No Input' feature that turns off encoder transmit when no input detected
• Added 'Disable HDCP Adveristing' feature that no longer provides HDCP negotiation on encoder input

Version 7/13/2017 (v1.14.15)
• IR compatibility mode added for support of Foxtel devices
• Host play for Non Supported Mode no longer forces a restart every 30 seconds
• Netlinx 0.0.30: Bug fix
• Added additional touchscreen support
Known bug(s): 1080i is currently encoding incorrectly. Do not use this intermediate update on 1080i based installs.

Version 6/26/2017 (v1.14.14)
• Improved ability for audio codec to recovery from ESD/shock

Version 6/14/2017 (v1.14.13)
• Microphone bias added and default bias is now OFF

Version 4/03/2017 (v1.14.11b)
• Correct time synchronization handling
Version 4/03/2017 (v1.14.11)
• Netlinx - Correct display of Svsi devices in Netlinx master webpage
• Netlinx - Correct handling of 1024 byte buffered RS-232 Rx data
• Netlinx- add VIDOUT_ON-[ON/OFF], modify VIOUT_MUTE to send/disable avmute
• Netlinx- correct truncation of getStatus API response.
• Increase KVM report size for Sharp touchpanel

3. Known Issues
• Later built Panasonic PCT2485 touchscreens must be connected and powered before powering up decoder or the USB connection will hang until decoder rebooted. Powering up both units at the same will also work.