NetLinx Diagnostics v3.0.64

Last Updated: 1月11日

  • Support for the new NX Series Masters (USB and IPv6 connectivity).
  • Fully functional Online Tree with the following options:
    • Ability to generate a report.
    • Launching a TELNET window for a device.
    • Display Device Properties.
    • Bind/Unbind NDP Devices.
  • Ability to transfer Firmware KIT files to a device.
  • Zero-Config Display.
  • Full Diagnostics capabilities that include:
    • Stream Internal Diagnostics Messages.
    • Stream Asynchronous Notification Messages.
    • NEW: Ability to watch "Custom Events" via the Notification Messages.
    • Ability to Emulate a Device.
    • Ability to Control a Device.
    • Set Date/Time on a Master Controller.
    • URL Listing for a Master Controller.
    • Change Network Address for a Master Controller.
  • New "Listen for Masters" feature within the Communication Settings dialog that will show the Master ID, Host Name and MAC Address that are being broadcast by the Master Controllers.
  • Updated Preferences Dialog that includes:
    • Ability to select the background/foreground color along with a font for all output panes.
    • Ability to specify which TelNet application to launch (default is Window's TELNET.EXE application)along with command line parameters.