NXB-CCG NetLinx Clear Connect Gateway Firmware v2.2.2

Last Updated: 9月28日


Changes in This Release:

  • Added support for CCD-6CL Clear Connect CFL, LED, 600W Incandescent/MLV Dimmer
  • Increased supported device count from 32 to 64 (including the Gateway)
  • Fixed an issue in log extraction that would cause the transfer to fail if the size of the data was greater than ~10KB


Known Issues:

  • It is recommended that steps be taken to ensure power to the device does not fail during firmware updating. Power failure during firmware update can result in corruption to the database.
  • Issuing integration commands to control dimmers too quickly (> 5-10 commands per second) can cause commands to be dropped and can result in long delays in the Clear Connect system.
  • Making more than 50 simultaneous connections to the CCT can cause the NXB-CCG to become unresponsive. A power cycle of the device will fix the issue.
  • Downgrading the NXB-CCG firmware may delete all programming.
  • Using Zeroconf resolved host names to access the web pages is slow in some browsers. If this is experienced, log out and re-connect to the device using its IP address.
  • CCT requires reboot when changing physical network connection manually (ie. connecting cable, removing connection to router and connecting to other router or PC, etc.)
  • An issue was found in which a power cycle of the NXB-CCG during or just after a firmware update could cause the unit to not be downgradeable to a previous release.
  • When using Link Local addressing, the DNS servers and domain name shown in the web UI may be inaccurate.
  • Login via standards compliant telnet client may fail first login. Subsequent attempts to log in will work properly.
  • When cancelling finding remote addressable shades, it is rare but possible to trigger a condition in which cancel is no longer possible (fails) and you are stuck searching for shades - if this occurs, exit "Add Devices" and re-enter to clear the error.
  • In very rare instances, the web server may stop responding, displaying "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." If this continues for more than 5 minutes, cycle power to the device to clear the error.