NXB-KNX Communications Gateway Firmware v2.0.15

Last Updated: 9月14日


New firmware for the KNX Gateway significantly expands its capabilities. The KNX Gateway can now connect an AMX control system to virtually any device with a KNX port.

  • It is a native NetLinx device which simplifies programming and diagnostics because it uses the standard NetLinx commands, channels and levels.
  • Replacement for other popular gateways between KNX and AMX - It allows integrators to add the KNX Communications Gateway into existing installations without writing new code.


Note: NXB-KNX must have first been transitioned to a native NetLinx device using the individual firmware (v1.0.36) and application (v2.0.15) upgrade jar files. Upon reboot the device will become a native NetLinx device and can henceforth be upgraded via the KIT file.

New Features:

  • Release version 2.0 adds well-rounded support for KNX Data Point Types (DPTs), handling data lengths of 1-bit, 2-bit, 4-bit, 1-Byte, 2-Byte, 3-Byte, 4-Byte, and 14-Byte data.
  • NXB-KNX Limited Release version 1.0 firmware, software, and documentation, is no longer supported with this version 2.0 release. This is due to its limited support for KNX LightSystem devices only.


Hot Fix For NXB-KNX Communications Gateway (v.2.0.28 Available from AMX Technical Support)


  • You must install to v2.0.23 before upgrading to v2.0.28
  • An active KNX connection is required to ensure that the upgrade completes successfully
  • If v2.0.20 through v2.0.28 is running, YOU MUST INSTALL TO V2.0.19 BEFORE DOWNGRADING TO V2.0.15 OR EARLIER


Changes in this Release:
NXB-KNX will no longer try to resend messages, even if a NACK is received. This is done to comply with KNX standards.