RMS Client/SDK v4.7.18

Last Updated: 12月09日

Release Notes
Product: RMS Client/SDK
FG #: 3004  
Current Version: 4.7.18
Release Date: 10/12/2021

- RMS Server version 4.8.0 or greater
- NX based controller (Controller firmware v1.4.90 or greater)
- At least 64MB allocated to Duet memory

Changes/Fixes in this release
- Server password is encrypted in the 'rms.properties' file of RMS module, when loaded on NX Controller
- Increased the lamp consumption maximum value to 25000 for the Video Projector(from 2000) and Document Camera(from 5000)
- Added support for the following devices:
     - DVX-3266-4K
     - DVX-2265-4K
     - DX-RX-4K60
     - DX-TX-4K60
     - DXFP-RX-4K60
     - DXFP-TX-4K60

Changes in previous release
- Fixed the ControlSystemMonitor and PowerMonitor reporting issue that got broken
- Fixed the registration issue, when two devices share the same DPS
-Support added for the following devices:
	- Acendo Core (ACR-5100)
	- VPX Switchers (VPX-1401/VPX-1701)
	- INCITE Switchers (NCITE-813/813A/813AC)
	- Modero G5 Touch Panels( MT-2002/MT-1002/MD-1002/MT-702/MD-702)
- Fixed Issue ESC 32133:- Next Appointment Info on touch panel is not getting cleared when it should.
- Improved response time for scheduling create, extend, and end requests
- Added auto registration support for Touch Panels, HydraPort Touch Panels, DVX and DGX
- Added additional auto registration capabilities for DXLink(does not include Wallplate devices) and Solecis
- Corrected an issue which could lead to excessive logging
- Various other bug fixes and improvements

Known Issues
- If Touch Panel or DVX devices were previously registered with NetLinx monitoring modules,
  the registered control methods should be removed before registration of new devices. Any control
  macros referencing the removed control methods will need to be updated

Previous Versions


Previous Versions