TPI-PRO, TPI-PRO-DVI Firmware v2.6.82

Last Updated: 10月05日


Changes in this release

  • Added Smart Podium 518 USB driver
  • Added Sharp 702B USB driver
  • Fixed issue where the TPI-PRO stalls at the AMX boot screen, when there is no DVI cable connected to a monitor during bootup
  • Fixed issue where the TPI-PRO would continuously reboot, when the DGX is connected to the DVI input during bootup


Known Issues
The TPI-PRO needs a reboot after loading new firmware to ensure that the EDID information is updated.

Hot Fix for the TPI-PRO, TPI-PRO-DVI Firmware (v.2.6.158 Available from AMX Technical Support)

USB Touch Monitor Drivers added in this release:

  • ELO ET-2243L-8UWA
  • Planar PCT2265 using Advanced Silicon CoolTouch USB Controller
  • Planar PCT2785 using 3M MicroTouch USB controller
  • Newer versions of the SMART Podium 518
  • NextWindow 5613 Optical Overlay
  • Hatteland HD 15T21STD
  • Ilitex Iyama USB touch driver support added
  • 46" NEC v463 model USB touch support added
  • Esterline - Medigenic USB keyboards (Model #'s 104C, 104E)

Serial Touch Monitor Drivers added in this release:

  • 3M MicroTouch SX112 in pen-only touch mode (MicroTouchSX112POHandler).
  • 3M MicroTouch SX112 in finger-only touch mode (MicroTouchSX112FOHandler).
  • 3M MicroTouch SX112 in pen/finger touch mode (MicroTouchSX112PFHandler).

Features added in this release:

  • USB Takenote Save to USB only feature added
  • Added a "toggle usb touch" cli command that will toggle the USB touch state. When USB touch is in the disabled state, USB devices will not override any serial touch driver selection made by the user. The current USB touch state can be viewed with the "show usb touch" cli command.

Bug Fixes in this release:

  • eGalaxTouchHandler_9600 RS232 Driver, powering off the device causes g4 touch to break
  • extron annotator DVI connection causes boot failure to hang at AMX logo
  • Elo 'No Signal Detected' on output when display goes to sleep fixed
  • SMART Podium 518 - Fixed an issue where power cycling the monior or unplugging / plugging in the USB from the monitor would cause the TPI-Pro to crash
  • Fixed an issue with the Planar PT2275SW that would cause pass through input to become laggy
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic image would fail to load if the TP4 file had been originally created for a newer panel type such as Modero X and then saved as a TPI-PRO

Programming Information:
To load this firmware successfully, a valid DVI connection should be made to get the unit to boot and connect to the AMX master The Driver kit should be loaded as well after this kit file.