UDM-0102 Firmware v1.00.48

Last Updated: 1月10日



Ensure AMX Remote RC05 User Control is set to default if user wishes to switch inputs from other remotes (Sky etc). To leverage the new features, you must have the following firmware versions: UDM-RX02 v1.44 or above.

Changes in This Release:

  • Web pages change to same look and feel as the 1604C
  • Sync now defaults to common mode
  • Added support for key presses to be available via UDP
  • Added UDP command to connect video only
  • Added custom code value support in the user control page
  • Added support for control codes to be issued as separate digits - a custom control code of "2 3 4" will output 2, then 3, then 4
  • Added support for new AMX remote (RC05)
  • Added support for DirectTV remote
  • Non AMX remotes now default to passthrough mode, and have no User Control page associated with them
  • Control pull downs have been expanded to include all RC05 remote functions
  • Improved serial - including 1200 to 115200, O,E and N via separate pull downs for speed and parity Serial return path algorithm
  • Completely revised for more reliable serial data from RX to 102
  • Protocols page now shows % used for loaded protocols and corrections to memory allocation to avoid overflows
  • Rx Version number can be read in the Port page (click on Rx version, update then Rx version)
  • Web server modified to operate correctly with IE7 and Windows Vista
  • Fixed a problem where setting skew values would reset sync options
  • Loopback of Power Toggle, Vol up/down and mute is automatic with RC05 remote