Networked AV


利用现有的网络基础设施来分配音频和视频意味着不需要专用的线缆或交换机,不需要购买超额端点,也不需要管理和维护用于音视的专用基础设施。尽管如此,我们知道在现有的 IP 网络上不断部署流组播数据也非易事。我们拥有十载经验和专业网络工程师的团队致力于设计符合企业协议(包括安全性)的以网络为中心的产品。凭借广泛的产品,包括编码器、解码器、音频收发器、网络录像机和 IP 窗口/壁挂处理器,我们提供了一个完整的解决方案以帮助客户制定一个强大的企业解决方案。您只需知道通过网络分配多少资源,以及分配到哪里就可以了,就是这么简单。

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由于我们的 IP 音视编码器/解码器产品使用标准的网络布线和交换机将源内容分发到您的端点组件,因此通过网络分发音视内容非常简单,只需选择合适的产品平台即可完美平衡功能要求、预算限制和基础架构注意事项,然后从 1x1 的端点起步,随着需求的扩大而增长。

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AMX SVSI 视频管理产品管理分布式媒体系统内的所有 SVSI 设备,并从每个源到每个显示器创建一个完整的数字媒体分发解决方案。灵活的用户界面提供台式机/笔记本电脑、Apple iPad、Apple iPhone 或 Android 设备等多种访问方式。

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AMX SVSI 基于 IP 的产品的特别之处在于它们有多种方式来确保通过任何网段或链路传输最佳视频和音频,无论是托管局域网、光纤上行链路还是低速率互联网连接。这些联网的音视产品可以部署在现有的企业网络或专用网络上,以减轻流量压力。我们的产品包括多种选项,可通过 IR、串行、交换机闭合或 TCP/IP 控制视频和音频路由及终端设备控制。

The Role of The Network In Flipped Classrooms

Download the white paper that discusses using Networked AV to make active learning more flexible.

The flipped classroom “flips” traditional lecturing in class from passively listening and taking notes to watching lecture videos online and collaborating in class. The education in a flipped classroom focuses on “active learning,” that is centered on problem solving and learning by doing. This Paper illustrates how Networked AV technology can be best used to support active learning in flipped classrooms.

Topics include:

  • Why Flipped Classrooms Work
  • Using AES67 to Integrate Networked AV
  • IT Security In the World of Networked AV
  • And much more

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AMX SVSI Networked AV Introductory Q&A

Let us guide you in deploying a successful networked AV infrastructure.

As an IT professional, it’s your job to make sure that applications being deployed on your network are safe and secure but it takes the right amount of planning and asking many other questions to ensure a successful overall deployment. This Q & A gathers the pertinent questions we know you have or will be asking along the way, including:

  • Bandwidth and technical requirements
  • Scalability
  • Upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance
  • And more

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Workbook to Planning for Video Streaming

Download the essential planning guide for deploying streaming video over the network

Topics Include:

  • The impact of resolution, compression, and more on network bandwidth
  • How to select appropriate network transit technologies, such as TCP vs. UDP and unicast vs. multicast
  • And much more

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