Workbook to Planning for Video Streaming

Download the essential planning guide for deploying streaming video over the network


Video streaming is one of the most requested, and least understood, technologies within the workplace and campus. This workbook goes beyond the cameras, recorders, displays and devices, and dives into the details at the back end of the hardware, software and the network, providing the information you need to know for a successful deployment.

You will learn:

  • The impact of resolution, compression, and more on network bandwidth
  • How to select appropriate network transit technologies, such as TCP vs. UDP and unicast vs. multicast

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Sneak Peek

"The requirements for streaming video quality are based on audience requirements. The quality acceptable for a cute cat video may not be acceptable for something that requires close examination like an advanced math class. It's also important to consider the length of time they are viewing. Poor quality audio and video is taxing to watch. Longer content generally requires higher quality. If the content is on demand and the users want to consume part of the content and continue later, perhaps on another device, it needs to be considered before the system is chosen."