AMX RoomBook and AMX Acendo Book Scheduling Touch Panels Firmware v1.1.22

Last Updated: 8月08日

Release Notes
AMX Acendo Book 7"/10" Scheduling Panels
and AMX RoomBook 7"/10" Scheduling Panels

FG#: FG2265-37, FG2265-40, FG4221-07, FG4221-10

Firmware Release Version: 1.1.22
Release Date: 7/26/2018

Note: v1.1.15+ Browse Rooms feature is not compatible with v1.0.4. All group 
members should be upgraded to v1.1.15+.

New Features in This Release

* Added custom polling time feature for Microsoft Exchange and Office365. Note 
that quicker polling times enables faster panel schedule updates, but 
increase scheduling server/service load.
• The maximum poll time is 3600 seconds (one hour)
• The minimum poll time for Microsoft Office365 is 45 seconds. The default 
poll time for Office365 is 45 seconds. Change default minimum poll time for 
Office365 from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. This prevents throttling errors 
enforced by Microsoft.
• The minimum poll time for Microsoft Exchange is 15 seconds. The default poll
time for Microsoft Exchange is 15 seconds.
• NOTE: This feature does not apply to Google Calendar, as the current 15 
second static poll time does not cause throttling errors with Google servers

Firmware Issues Fixed in This Release

* Resolved Google Calendar authentication error 403 "disallowed user agent"

* Resolved issue in Browse Rooms list where duplicate rooms are displayed, if 
devices in the group use the same Calendar ID but with different 
capitalization (i.e. and

* Remove browser tabs from initial Google Calendar authentication setup

* Resolved user interface and application crash bugs



  • ACB-2107


     7”Acendo Book 调度触控面板

  • ACB-2110


     10.1”Acendo Book 调度触控面板

  • RMBK-701


    7” AMX RoomBook 调度触控面板

  • RMBK-1001


    10.1” AMX RoomBook 调度触控面板