DVX-325x/225x Switcher Firmware v1.7.54

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: DVX-325x/225x Switcher Firmware v1.7.81. ×

Last Updated: 3月14日


  • NX Device 5001: FW v1.1.28 or later
  • NX Master FW v1.3.44 or later


Programming Information:

  • None


Changes in this release:

  • Fixed Ethernet switch initialization issue that was occasionally blocking DVX master from successful DHCP at boot up.
  • Fixed issue where artifacts were shown when switching video inputs.


  • DVX-2210HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 4x2 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-2250HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 6x3 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-2255HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、DXLink™ 输入)的 6x3 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-3250HD

    配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-3255HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、DXLink™ 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器

  • DVX-3256HD

     配备 NX 控制功能(多格式、HDMI、4 DXLink™ 输入)的 10x4 一体式演示切换器