DXLink HDMI Receiver Module Firmware (100 Series Compatible) v1.13.28

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: DXLink HDMI Receiver Module Firmware (100 Series Compatible) v1.13.43. ×

Last Updated: 3月15日


This firmware version requires Enova DGX 100 Series compatibility on connected Enova DGX systems

Please reference the Enova DGX Board and Endpoint Compatibility Instructions on the AMX.com product page for more information


  • DXLink RX v1.9.10 (or later) must be loaded on the DXLink Receiver to upgrade
  • DXLink TX v1.8.26 (or later) must be loaded on the DXLink Transmitters to be compatible with this RX version
  • Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 must have v3.2.4 (or later) to allow use of the new ICSLAN feature and async status improvements in this release. Else v3.0.20 (or later)
  • The DGX 100 Series Master FW should be:
    • SW2106_NX-X200_Master_v1_4_86.kit(or later)
  • Enova DGX 8/16/32/64 enclosures need Enova DGX 8/16/32/64 FW v2.2.8 (or later) and Master FW:
    • SW1056_Master_v4_2_395.KIT or later (NI-Series) Shows in Online Tree as "NI Master"
    • SW2106_NX-X200_Master_v1_3_110.kit or later (NX-Series) Shows in Online Tree as "DGX Master"
  • NetLinx Studio v4.3.1519 or later
  • DGX Configuration Software v1.0.6 or later

Features added in this release:

  • Added ability to set RX ICSLAN port to be on the public or private network. Added new DGX ICSP command: 5002:y:0 ENDPOINT_RX_ICSLAN_PORT-<PRIVATE|PUBLIC> Where y is the input channel connected to the RX.
  • NOTE: This requires DGX v3.2.4 (or later)

Fixes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue on RX where a DGX reboot could cause an HDCP failure and Orange Screen on certain displays
  • Improved HDCP data management to prevent false HDCP flag
  • Fixed an issue where the RX goes offline when using 232 control of Sharp LC60LE661U (or similar models)
  • Improved handling of audio async messages
  • Corrected an issue where spurious interrupts could cause the RX to drop offline
  • Fixed IR one way serial reliability at 9800 baud
  • Fixed VIDOUT_SLEEP_DELAY when set to zero. Now a value of zero will allow the RX to sleep immediately with no video
  • Improved reliability of Audio Valid flag setting in Audio details

Notable Points

  • Please read the documentation in regard to the DIP switches located on the bottom of the Tx/Rx modules before attempting to connect to the network.
  • If a send command "FACTORYAV" or telnet "RESET FACTORY" is sent, a reboot of the RX will be required.
  • PLEASE READ the documentation in regard to the DIP switches located on the bottom of the Tx/Rx modules before attempting to connect to the network
  • The RX uses a solid ORANGE screen to indicate an HDCP authentication failure with the connected device
  • If using a hostname in the USB_HID_ROUTE command, the hostname length is limited to 50 characters

Programming Information

  • IMPORTANT: Scaler settings upgrade migration
  • If upgrading to DGX from v3.0.10 to any later version and if DXLink RX are configured with non-default scaler settings (scaling mode, aspect ratio and manual res/ref), the "PERSISTAV" ICSP command should be sent to those RX's before upgrading either the DGX or the RX's in order to preserve their modified scaler settings.


Important–Due to a HWID change, this kit will FAIL on the first attempt of the kit transfer IF upgrading from firmware earlier than v1.9.32

  1. Transfer kit v1.13.28 to the RX. If upgrading from a version earlier than 1.9.32, it will abort: "Transfer Aborted - Unsupported file type." If this happens, then proceed to step 2
  2. Reboot the RX (via telnet or power cycle) then check the firmware versions in the Online Tree:
    eg. 07001 - DXLINK-HDMI-RX.e (v1.13.28)
    [OID=1] - MQX (v3.62)
    [OID=2] - DXLINK Boot (v1.13.28)
    [OID=3] - DXLINK App (v1.13.28)
    [OID=5] - DXLINK Link (
    [OID=6] - DXLINK FPGA (
  3. If the firmware versions are not up to date, then transfer kit v1.13.28 again to completele the transfer of the final component. If the firmwarea is up to date then no other kit transfers are required.

PLEASE reference Appendix A (Upgrading the Firmware) in the DXLink Instruction Manual for more information.


  • DX-RX


    DXLink™ HDMI 接收器模块