NXA-PDU-1508-8 Power Distribution Unit Firmware v2.13.01

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: NXA-PDU-1508-8 Power Distribution Unit Firmware v2.13.04. ×

Last Updated: 3月15日

Changes in this release (from version 2.10)

  • Added output persistence feature (see PERSIST command).


Known Issues / Notes

  • When connected to a NetLinx master running master firmware version 3.50.439 or earlier (or version 3.53.316 or earlier, for the DVX), the PDU will appear in the device list as "Unknown, AMX LLC (v2.13.01)". This is master-side functionality rather than a PDU-firmware issue, and will be addressed in a future master firmware update.
  • Processing of SEND_COMMANDs (see below) is case-sensitive, requiring a command to be sent in all-uppercase letters. For example, 'RESET' will be accepted as valid, while 'reset' and 'Reset' will be ignored.
  • When setting an output's PERSIST setting, you must specify the setting as "ON" or "OFF". However, when the PERSIST settings are queried, the response string uses "1" to denote ON, "0" to denote "OFF".