RMS Enterprise Interface for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) v1.0.34

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface for Exchange v1.2.3. ×

Last Updated: 6月29日

Release Notes

RMS Enterprise Scheduling Interface for Exchange
Current Version: 1.0.34
Release Date: May 2018

-- Java 9.0.4

-- RMS Enterprise Server version 4.6.13 or later.

-- Microsoft Exchange 2013 SP1.

-- Microsoft Exchange 2016.

-- Microsoft Office 365.

Changes in this release
-- Upgraded to Java 9

Known Issues

-- Exchange Configuration Application needs to be closed before uninstallation.

-- Single meetings that start more than 23 months in the future will not be
synchronized into RMS. Also, the occurrences of recurring meetings will
be limited to 23 months into the future even if the recurrence pattern
specifies "No End Date" or has a defined end date that falls beyond 23
months into the future.

-- Changing the attendees of an existing meeting doesn't actually modify the
meeting in Exchange. This is simply how Exchange behaves. As a result,
the meeting will not be resynchronized to RMS and the attendee changes won't
be reflected in RMS. Something such as the subject, body, or date/time must
be changed in order for a synchronization to RMS to occur.

-- Ending or extending a meeting from the touch panel will only update the
resource's calendar. The meeting time will not be adjusted on the
calendars for the organizer and attendees.

-- Exchange Configuration Application needs to be closed to start uninstallation process.




    RMS 企业版 Microsoft Exchange 网络服务 (EWS) 接口