Solecis 4K Digital Switcher Firmware v2.1.34

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Solecis 4K Digital Switcher Firmware v2.1.35. ×

Last Updated: 3月12日


  • Directly connected DX-RX must use v1.13.34 (or later).
  • Directly connected DX-RX-4K must use v2.2.21 (or later).
  • Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 must have v3.2.19 (or later)
  • The DGX 100 Series Master FW should be v1.4.90 (or later)
  • The DVX Switcher Series FW should be v1.6.76 (or later)
  • NetLinx Studio v4.3.1519 (or later)


Features added in this release:

  • Initial Release of the Solecis 4K Digital Switchers


  • SDX-414-DX

     配备 DXLink™ 输出的 Solecis® 4x1 4K HDMI 数字切换器

  • SDX-514M-DX

     配备 DXLink™ 输出的 Solecis® 5x1 4K 多格式数字切换器