Varia Touch Panel Firmware v1.11.29

Last Updated: 8月01日

Build Notes
All AMX Varia Touch Panels:

FG#: AMX-UTP0501, AMX-UTP0801, AMX-UTP0811, AMX-UTP1011, AMX-UTP1011N, AMX-UTP1511, AMX-UTP1511N

Firmware Version: 1.11.29
Build Date: June 28th, 2023

Device Id | AMX Varia
0x0220 | VARIA-SL50
0x0222 | VARIA-SL80
0x0221 | VARIA-80
0x0223 | VARIA-100, VARIA-100N
0x0224 | VARIA-150, VARIA-150N

Prerequisites: None

Changes since firmware release version 1.11.24

AMX G5 Control Persona

* Resolved: Panel Device Name not being saved
* Resolved: Panel Device ID & Device Name inconsistencies
* Resolved: Button hit sound issues
* Resolved: Collapsible pop-ups do not toggle to open position when Show Open = "Yes"
* Resolved: NFC swipe opens AMX G5 Control persona
* Resolved: NFC Custom Event Flag is sent on the wrong port
* Resolved: NFC Custom Event Length in Text Field is incorrect
* Resolved: NFC ISO 15693 tag type reads in reverse order
* Resolved: Dynamic Data source path is being ignored
* Resolved: False "Not Connected" status
* Resolved: Panel remains dim after TP5 transfer
* Resolved: Auto addressing causes failed file transfer
* Resolved: Unable to load TP5 file from URL
* Resolved: Network Addressing settings in Netlinx Studio do not work on Varia
* Resolved: ^SDM command does not generate custom event

AMX Book Persona

* Resolved: Certificate Management does not go to proper settings page
* Resolved: Overrun of logs
* Includes many Google Calendar fixes & improvements

Web Kiosk Persona

* Reolved: URL being shortened after saving

Zoom Rooms Controller Persona

* ZRC app updated


* Resolved: After a reboot, NTP incorrectly shows manual when set to Auto
* Resolved: Custom NTP is not reset during a Settings Reset
* Resolved: 802.1X certificate not shown on Edit page
* Resolved: Toast pop-up not consistent after pressing TEST CONNECTION
* Resolved: Factory Reset [Continue] button is sometimes not working
* Resolved: Enable/disbale Side LED with Screen Timeout setting does not persist


* Support for VARIA-150 & VARIA-150N
* AMX Manager software fixes & improvements
* Also incorporates other previous hotfix items, including numerous minor bug fixes & feature requests

New Send Commands in This Release

* None

Known Issues/Requests

* Web Kiosk may have trouble with certain https websites / certificates
* Load to USB & Save to USB butons do not gray-out when USB drive is removed
* RPM command processing compatibility

Previous Versions


  • VARIA-100


    10.1” Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel
  • VARIA-100N


    10.1” Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel (No-Comm)
  • VARIA-150


    15.6” Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel
  • VARIA-150N


    15.6” Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel (No-Comm)
  • VARIA-80


    8” Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel
  • VARIA-SL50


    5.5” UItra-Slim, Wall-Mount, Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel
  • VARIA-SL80


    8” UItra-Slim, Wall-Mount, Professional-Grade, Persona-Defined Touch Panel

Previous Versions