Keypads with Ethernet Firmware v1.2.14

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Keypads with Ethernet Firmware v1.2.33. ×

Last Updated: 3月15日

NetLinx Studio V4.1.1251 (or later) recommended

Features added in this release:

  • ICSP Connection: Improved ICSP connection times when booting up or changing ICSP configuration
  • Auto-recovery: Created a robust auto-recovery mechanism for error conditions, such as the physical disturbance of the ribbon cable in a expansion keypad (MET-7X or MET-13X)
  • LEVON/RXON Support: Added enforcement for 'LEVON' and 'RXON' send commands. If LEVON is not received by the keypad, level events will not be reported. Similarly, if RXON is not received by the keypad, strings will not be reported.
  • Keypad Query: Added "info" telnet command to provide at-a-glance information about the keypad, including any expansion keypads that are attached.
  • Expansion Keypad Query: Added new "?Expansion" query to allow Netlinx code to query for any attached expansion keypads.


Query syntax:

SEND_COMMAND Panel,"'?Expansion'"

Response syntax:

Index = response index, starting with 1
Count = total number of response strings (i.e. max # of expansion keypads allowed, currently 2)
Port = Port associated with the expansion keypad
Type = Expansion keypad type (either MET-7X or MET-13X)
Description = Product description - current values below:

Type Description
MET-7X Metreau 7-Button Expansion Keypad
MET-13X Metreau 13-Button Expansion Keypad

Example Response Strings when a single expansion keypad is present:
"Expansion.Device-1,2,2,MET-7X,Metreau 7-Button Expansion Keypad"

NOTE: 2 response strings will be sent to the master for any keypad that supports expansion keypads (i.e. MET-6NE, MET-7E, MET-13E), even if none are present.
The query is ignored for any products that don't support expansion keypads.

Fixes in this release:

  • IR Port Numbering Consistency: The MET-6NE provides IR Receiver functionality always on Port 4, regardless whether 0, 1, or 2 expansion keypads are connected. Ports 1 and 4 are always present, but ports 2 and 3 are only present for expansion keypads
  • Refined Telnet Logs: Improved telnet logging readability, including eliminating redundant timestamps

Known Issues:
Expansion keypad cable: Handling ribbon cable of expansion keypads will cause temporary downtime before unit auto-recovers (no need for any subsequent power cycle).


  • MET-13E


     Metreau® 13 按键以太网键盘

  • MET-13X


     Metreau® 13 按键以太网扩展键盘

  • MET-6NE


     带导航的 Metreau® 6 按键以太网键盘

  • MET-7E


     Metreau® 7 按键以太网键盘

  • MET-7X


     Metreau® 7 按键以太网扩展键盘

  • MKP-106


     6 按键 Massio™ 键盘(美英欧洲)

  • MKP-108


     带旋钮的 8 按键 Massio™ 键盘(美英欧洲)

  • SP-08-E-US


     支持以太网的 8 按键键盘(美国)