Modero S Series Touch Panels Firmware v2.108.19

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Modero S Series Touch Panels Firmware v2.108.40. ×

Last Updated: 3月16日


  • TPDesign4 v3.3 build 674 or later, with G4 Support Files version 3.3.58 or later
  • Intercom module v1.9 or later (if using with Intercom)
  • SIP module 2.11 or later (if using with SIP)


Changes in this release:

  • Incorporated prior sustaining fixes into this release that supports the new HydraPort Touch Connection Port with 7" Panel (HPX-MSP-7) and HydraPort Touch Connection Port with 10" Panel (HPX-MSP-10). Some of these fixes were first made available in 2.106.48, prior to the introduction of HPX-MSP-7/10.
  • Fixed issue with panel displaying .ttc font files after transferring user pages via USB.
  • Fixed an issue with receiving TCP data for a dynamic MJPEG stream where the receive code could get stuck in a loop, making the panel appear frozen.
  • Fixed issue with displaying hide effect while show effect was sill running.
  • Improved noise filtering of touch screen overlay to improve user experience
  • Fixed telnet security vulnerability.


Known Issues:

    • It is possible on some panels for the device's MAC address to get lost or corrupted. If this happens, the device will automatically generate a random MAC address. This address is not guaranteed to a Globally Unique Identifier(GUI), but it will not conflict with any non-AMX devices. If the device is having connectivity issues, it is recommended that the "check eeprom" command be run from a telnet session. This command will check the MAC address, and give the user the option to fix it.
  • VIDEO:
    • The following streaming video modes are supported for the 7" Modero S Touch Panels: MPEG2 video and MP2/MP3 audio over MPEG2 Transport Streams (from MAX-CSE or Vision2 Server), H.264 video and AAC audio over MPEG2 Transport Streams (from MXA-MPL or Vision2 Server), and Motion JPEG over HTTP. 3rd Party MPEG2 and H.264 encoders have not been tested, are not supported by AMX, and may or may not work. Please see the Modero S Programming Guide for more detailed recommendations on video configuration.
    • The following streaming video modes are supported for the 4.3" Modero S Touch Panels: Motion JPEG over HTTP
    • Streaming Video/audio performance can depend on multiple factors, like: downscaling ratio, network bandwidth, network congestion, other simultaneous panel activities, stream characteristics (bit rate, encoding method), etc. There is no buffering on the panel for video streams (though there is a small latency), so any anomaly in the network can result in a visible (or audible) glitch. To help improve performance in challenging environments, consider reducing the resolution of the content (480p is recommended), reducing the bit rate of the stream, reducing the downscaling ratio, and preserving the aspect ratio.
    • For any type of streaming video, there could be a 1-3 second latency. For Motion JPEG, this latency can be improved by using smaller (i.e. < 800x480) video buttons and/or reducing the frame rate of the server.
    • A Bluetooth handset (i.e. MXA-HST) can occasionally fail to reconnect automatically if powered off or carried out of range, then brought back into range. In this case, the user can manually reconnect by going to the Bluetooth setup pages
    • It may take several presses to get the touch to register if attempting to use the "Dots During Boot" firmware rollback method. Firmware rollback is also available from the Setup Pages menu if needed.


  • MSD-1001


     10.1" Modero X® 系列 G4 壁挂触控面板

  • MSD-431


     4.3" Modero X® 系列 G4 壁挂触控面板

  • MSD-701


     7" Modero X® 系列 G4 壁挂触控面板

  • MST-1001


    10.1" Modero S® 系列 G4 桌面触控面板

  • MST-431


     4.3" Modero S® 系列 G4 桌面触控面板

  • MST-701


     7" Modero S® 系列 G4 桌面触控面板