TPDesign5 v1.3.80

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: TPDesign5 v1.5.111. ×

Last Updated: 3月12日

New in this release:

  • Fixed issue with certain fonts not rendering in the design views when .TP5 project is moved to another machine
  • Fixed "Show Function Codes" for listview button-type
  • Fixed rendering issue with toolbar area after docking a floating window
  • Made the button z-order property visible in the property list control (read-only)
  • Button/Page States: design views will render an error placeholder symbol (X) for static image resources not found in the panel project
  • Added support for NetLinx custom events - located in Edit Actions dialog menu with command and string actions
  • New button properties: drag-drop type and drop group (general and multistate-general buttons only)
  • New events (drag-drop)
    • Drag Start (draggables)
    • Drag Cancel (draggables)
    • Drop Enter (drop-targets)
    • Drop Exit (drop-targets)
    • Drop (drop-targets)
  • Drop-target Groups: Designated drop-target button(s) which can be linked to one or more draggable buttons
  • Programmers Report - Added detail sections for drop-target groups and buttons
  • G4Utility - Fixed bug in which the value of the G4 state property "Scale Bitmap to Fit" was not applied to the corresponding bitmap justification value.

Known issues
G4 Project Conversion
A separate utility application, G4Utility, has been provided to convert G4 panel projects to the new G5 format. This utility can be accessed via the Tools menu.

  • G4 Projects will be limited to Modero X and S series panel-types
  • Button page-flips will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • String outputs will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • Command outputs will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • Any utilized slots on states will be converted to a second bitmap
  • Unsupported button-types (TakeNote, Computer Control, Joystick, List-Box) will be removed
  • Unsupported borders will be removed
  • Text Effects: Outline effects are not supported in G5
  • Text Effects: All Drop Shadow w/ Outline effects will be converted to their standard counterparts

TP5 Project File Size

  • Because of implementation differences between the G5 project format and G4 project format, users will likely notice a significant variation in size between their TP4 and TP5 projects.
  • This is mainly a result of compression algorithms no longer being utilized within G5 projects due to project-format changes.
  • There should be abundant disk space on Modero-X G5 panels to contain the panel project, but users should be aware that their TP5 projects will be significantly larger on disk than their G4 projects were.

Font Replacement

  • TPDesign5 will check for projects which may be using an older version of AMX Bold (amxbold.ttf) and replace it with the updated version (amxbold_.ttf).
  • The descrepancy between the two versions would cause some projects using the older version to render incorrectly either in TPDesign5 or on the touch panel, or both.
  • TPDesign5 will notify the user when the project is opened that the substitution has taken place and that they should save their projects afterward.
  • Also, G4Utility v1.1 will perform the substitution as part of the conversion process.


  • MXD-1001

    10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 壁挂触控面板

  • MXD-1901-PAN

    19.4" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式壁挂/嵌入式触控面板

  • MXD-2001-PAN

    20.3" Modero X® 系列全景式壁挂触控面板

  • MXD-701

     7" Modero X® 系列 G5 壁挂触控面板

  • MXR-1001

     10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 可伸缩触控面板

  • MXT-1001

    10.1" Modero X® 系列 G5 桌面触控面板

  • MXT-1901-PAN

    19.4" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式桌面触控面板

  • MXT-2001-PAN

    20.3" Modero X® 系列 G5 全景式桌面触控面板

  • MXT-701

    7" Modero X® 系列 G5 桌面触控面板