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The TPC-TPI-PRO In-room Presentation Management System enables users to preview and control their presentation and presentation environment from a single, third-party touch panel interface, running on any Windows PC 8.1 or above. It is ideal for supporting legal, healthcare, higher education, network operating center (NOC) and other applications requiring simple, effective and efficient presentation management.


TPC-TPI-PRO creates a presentation canvas allowing multiple video sources to be input into any Windows 8.1 (or above) PC via USB or HDMI-to-USB converter. Sources can be selected and laid out using any configuration and previewed before being sent to the display or projector. As a standard Windows app, the number of input sources that can be processed is dependent on PC processing power and available input ports.



When part of a system design that includes an AMX NetLinx NX Central Controller, TPC-TPI-PRO also offers the ability to control and optimize your environment by adjusting lights, blinds, volume levels and more through the TPC-TPI-PRO integrated control interface.


TPC-TPI-PRO includes an open source annotation tool, however users can import their own annotation application or launch other applications to customize and optimize their presentation capabilities to their specific requirements.




Courtrooms are technically complex environments that need to present and convey evidence to the court participants. TPC-TPI-PRO enables digital evidence to be managed more efficiently, allowing the participants to focus on the trial rather than the technology. Learn more at our partner site.


As doctors, nurses and technicians need to change tactics quickly, TPC-TPI-PRO gives them the ability to access and view information intuitively. It is also designed to operate on medical pendant monitors ensuring easy integration with the complexities of medical instruments and operating theatre systems. Learn more at our partner site.


Lectures impart information to a large audience through AV and other sources. Whilst these are important components to a successful lecture, they are only tools and require a human to seamlessly weave them together. TPC-TPI-PRO combines all of these tools into one intuitive dashboard. Learn more at our partner site.


NOCs monitor and manage power grids, security networks and other critical services. Being able to access an array of information is vital to the decision-making process. TPC-TPI-PRO enables a non-technical user to operate a video wall to ensure the necessary feeds are available to the right people as situations unfold. Learn more at our partner site.


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