Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

While great food and drink brings guests into a restaurant or bar, the overall experience is what keeps them coming back. AMX's comprehensive bar and restaurant AV technology solutions allow venues to differentiate themselves and deliver the ideal experience. Fast food, casual dining, sports bars, pubs, and fine dining all require thoughtful support to define the brand and consistently duplicate the experience every time visitors come in. No matter the size, space or theme, AMX bar and restaurant solutions ensure maximum return on investment.



Distributed A/V - The only thing more important than great food and drink in bars and restaurants is how incredible the audio and video content sounds and how easy it is for staff to get it dialed up, on and adjusted as fast as possible. AMX has a wide range of distributed AV solutions that make it incredibly easy for your staff to route whatever game, match or AV source your customers want to watch to any display in the room.

Featured Product: SVSI N2400 Series

Technology Control & Management - AMX technology control and management solutions help monitor, maintain and manage all your displays, projectors, amplifiers, lighting and other AV devices and systems from a centralized location or from anywhere in the world. Your staff can also be notified of upcoming device maintenance needs before they interrupt the big game. And we're always watching your bottom line by monitoring and adjusting energy usage.

Featured Product: Resource Management Suite