AMX DCS v3.0.13

Last Updated: jan. 18, 2019



    • AMX Device Configuration Software Release for:
      • DCS compiled to platform target x86 (32bit) in order to be compatible with Bonjour DLL.
      • This allows DCS CP3000 Bonjour Services discovery to run in Windows 64bit OS.
      • 32/64bit OS supported for both CP3000s, AVX-400 and new USB driver for AVX-400 for 64bit OS support.
      • Device Library:
        • Version 1.2.1
        • CP-3000s:
          • Compiler sorts scripts to button order prior to compiling.
          • Interrogation data selectable for programming.
          • All script events editable and re-orderable in the script list.
          • Expanded script view.
          • Script display level view.
          • Keeps track of last used configuration and script file storage locations.
          • Clearing and loading of new IR files give user warning and options when current scripts reference current IR file.
          • Button grouping concept.
          • Serial command debug tool in Library Manager.
          • Library Manager feature of importing bulk files.
          • Deploy workflow options if user attempts to program device without device(s) layout created.
          • Button backlight 'Default RGB' feature reset custom RGB back to default values.

Known Issues

      • Windows 7 firewall can block the port 21 data transfer between DCS and a CP-3000 Control Pad.
        • Some installations of Windows 7 will stop firmware upgrades by blocking some data transfers on port 21.
          • The typical symptom of this issue is that the firmware upgrade halts at 10-15%.
          • The only known work-around for users that encounter this issue is to disable with Windows 7 firewall, perform the firmware upgrade, and re-enable the firewall.

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