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Last Updated: oct. 31, 2018

TPDesign5™ Readme File
September 2018
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This document provides late-breaking or other information that supplements the TPDesign5 documentation. TPDesign5 is a Windows application for creating and modifying G5 touch panel projects.


Software and Hardware Requirements
Documents included with this release


Known issues




Copyright and Trademarks


Software and Hardware Requirements

To install TPDesign5, you must have the following software installed on your computer:

  • Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32- or 64-bit)
  • Operating System Languages: English, Spanish, French, German

Minimum hardware requirements

  • 60 MB of free disk space (minimum requirement); 80 MB recommended
  • Minimum (VGA) screen resolution of 800x600
  • Windows-compatible mouse (or other pointing device)


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Documents included with this release

The following documents are provided with TPDesign5™:

  • TPDesign5 Readme File (this file)
  • G5 Support Files Readme File
  • End-User License Agreement

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Known issues


Deprecated G5 Applications

Support for select Android applications have been deprecated and will no longer be packaged in G5 panel firmware. Applications that will no longer be packaged include

  • Skype
  • Dropbox
  • Quote Pro
  • QuikDic
  • Accuweather


These applications will no longer be packaged in G5 Touch Panel firmware v1.8.xx or greater.

All applications will continue to be supported in TPDesign5 for purposes of backward-compatibility, but users should be aware that these apps may not function on a given panel depending upon the version of firmware loaded.


HTTPS Protocol for Dynamic Resources

Support for designating the HTTPS protocol for dynamic resources was implemented in TPDesign5, starting with v1.4 Build 100.

  • HTTPS is implemented for both dynamic images and data sources (listviews).
  • Get Live File function will utilize the protocol selected for the resource.
  • In the case Get Live File encounters an invalid certificate exception:
    • Get Live File will retrieve the resource regardless.
    • A warning message will be displayed to the user.
    • An warning icon will be associated with the resource in the Resource Manager listing.



G4 Project Conversion

A separate utility application, G4Utility™, has been provided to convert G4 panel projects to the new G5 format. This utility can be accessed via the Tools menu.

  • G4 Projects will be limited to Modero X and S series panel-types
  • Button page-flips will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • String outputs will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • Command outputs will be migrated to the Release event on the button
  • Any utilized slots on states will be converted to a second bitmap
  • Unsupported button-types (TakeNote, Computer Control, Joystick, List-Box) will be removed
  • Unsupported borders will be removed



TP5 Project File Size

Because of implementation differences between the G5 project format and G4 project format, users will likely notice a significant variation in size between their TP4 and TP5 projects.

This is mainly a result of compression algorithms no longer being utilized within G5 projects due to project-format changes.

There should be abundant disk space on Modero-X G5 panels to contain the panel project, but users should be aware that their TP5 projects will be significantly larger on disk than their G4 projects were.

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Font Replacement

TPDesign5 will check for projects which may be using an older version of AMX Bold (amxbold.ttf) and replace it with the updated version (amxbold_.ttf).

The descrepancy between the two versions would cause some projects using the older version to render incorrectly either in TPDesign5 or on the touch panel, or both.

TPDesign5 will notify the user when the project is opened that the substitution has taken place and that they should save their projects afterward.

Also, G4Utility v1.1 will perform the substitution as part of the conversion process.

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September 2018


  • Increase maximum resolution height and width to 4096.


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June 2018


  • G4 Utility: G5 Conversion will now target Modero models when possible - requires G5 Support Files v1.5.57 or greater (included).
  • Fixes bug that caused TPDesign5 to fail to automatically launch from Netlinx Studio (when selecting a .TP5 project in the workspace).
  • Add Application Window dialog: Removed feature to download latest G5 application data updates (deprecated).


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December 2017


  • Implemented HTTPS protocol option for dynamic images/data sources
  • Implemented Live-File functionality for dynamic data sources
  • Listview data mappings: Implemented selection lists for mappings
  • G4 to G5 Conversion: Implemented conversion log user-interface
  • Implemented synchronization of existing project fonts with current system fonts ()
  • Restored the G4 Modal property for standard popups
  • State bitmaps: Implemented scaling while maintaining original image aspect-ratio
  • Implemented password-protection property for buttons (formerly restricted to page-flips actions)
  • New .MSI-based application install
  • Enabled text effects with outline - requires G5 Support Files v1.4.40 or greater (included)
  • Implemented encrypted ICSP support - requires master firmware v1.5.68 or greater
  • Implemented panel font synchronization feature - resolves font filename mismatch issue (see RFI #s 27999,25857)


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March 2017


  • Fixed issue with Japanese text corruption on Windows Japanese editions (RFI #30189)


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January 2017


  • Fixed error reported on project save
  • updated TPControl profile for Surface/Surface Pro (requires G5 Support Files v1.3 Build 36)


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September 2016


  • Added TPControl support (requires G5 Support Files v1.3 Build 35)


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June 2015


  • Fixed issue with certain fonts not rendering in the design views when .TP5 project is moved to another machine
  • Fixed "Show Function Codes" for listview button-type
  • Fixed rendering issue with toolbar area after docking a floating window
  • Made the button z-order property visible in the property list control (read-only)
  • Button/Page States: design views will render an error placeholder symbol (X) for static image resources not found in the panel project.
  • Added support for NetLinx custom events - located in Edit Actions dialog menu with command and string actions.
  • New button properties: drag-drop type and drop group (general and multistate-general buttons only)
  • New events (drag-drop)
    • Drag Start (draggables)
    • Drag Cancel (draggables)
    • Drop Enter (drop-targets)
    • Drop Exit (drop-targets)
    • Drop (drop-targets)
  • Drop-target Groups: Designated drop-target button(s) which can be linked to one or more draggable buttons
  • Programmers Report - Added detail sections for drop-target groups and buttons
  • G4Utility - Fixed bug in which the value of the G4 state property "Scale Bitmap to Fit" was not applied to the corresponding bitmap justification value.


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February 2015


  • New button-type: listview
  • Resources - New resource type: Dynamic Data Sources
    • Dynamic Data Sources are located under a new tab in the Resource Manager
    • Dynamic Data Maps - new dialog for defining the mappings to listview data elements
  • Paste Controls - Added controls for pasting Dynamic Data Sources
  • Programmers Report - Added sections for Dynamic Data Sources and Listview buttons


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December 2014


  • Events: added support for password-protected page flips
  • App Window Parameters dialog
    • Added ability to add/delete stock parameters (optional parameters only)
  • G4Utility - Will now migrate G4 standard page flips to password-protected page flips if the value of the button's Password Protection property is Level 1-4.
  • Bundles updated G5 Support Files v1.2 install


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June 2014


  • App Windows: Added VNC Client support
  • Added support for the following Page Flip Animations
    • slide
    • slide bounce
    • fade
    • door fade
    • center door fade
    • zoom in
    • zoom out
    • spin in
    • spin out
  • Added support for Unicode text for Command and String outputs
  • Restored Active-Centering, Drag, and Drag-Centering level functions
  • Restored Dynamic Re-ordering to Sub-Page View buttons
  • App Windows: Added URI parameter to Browser app
  • Updated project format - TPD5 v1.0 projects will be updated to the v1.1 format when opened in TPD5 1.1
  • G4Utility - Updated to convert TPD4 projects to the TPD5 v1.1 format
  • G4Utility - Will migrate the supported G5 page flip animations. Non-supported animations will be reverted to standard page flips.
  • Updated and revised Help content
  • Bundles updated G5 Support Files v1.1 install


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April 2014


  • Fixes occasional G4 Utility crash issue
  • Fixes G4 Utility issue with missing fonts in converted projects
  • G4 Utility will convert any deprecated bargraph sliders to "None" in converted projects
  • Fixes TPDesign5 crashes related to modifying state font property
  • Fixes TPDesign5 crashes related to Display Function Overlay feature


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February 2014

Initial release


  • Support for Modero-X G5 touch panel series
  • Application windows
  • Events Support
    • Page Show/Hide
    • Button Press/Release
    • Gestures
  • Actions
    • Page Flips
    • Launch Application
    • String Output
    • Command Output
  • Gradient fills
  • Multiple bitmaps on states
  • Will install and run on Windows 7/Windows 8


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