AMX solutions are available on the GSA Advantage through the following dealers:

American Amplifier [GS-03F-0011L] (s)
Audio Fidelity Communications [GS-03F-0057W] (s)
AVI Systems Inc. [GS-35F-0230X] (o)
AVS Installations Inc. [GS-03F-0095U] (s)
B C Group LLC [GS-35F-0863R] (s w)
Blue Tech Inc. [GS-35F-5847H] (s d w h wo)
Boitnott Visual Communications [GS-35F-0754P] (s)
CCS Presentation Systems [GS-03F-0174V] (s)
Cibola Systems   [GS-03F-0192W] (s d w)
CompView Inc. [GS-35F-0241T] (s)
Digital Networks Group [GS-35F-0294S] (s)
Divine Imaging Inc. [GS-02F-0190N] (s d w)
Ford Audio Video [GS-03F-0024N] (s w)
Fox River Graphics [GS-35F-0284J] (s v)
General Communications Inc. [GS-03F-0005R] (s)
General Projection Systems Inc. [GS-03F-0040S] (s)
HB Communications Inc. [GS-03F-0001V] (s v)
Hoppman Communications Corporation [GS-35F-0718J] (s)
Jensen Audio Visual [GS-03F-0010L] (s w)
Karcher Group Incorporated [GS-35F-0304J] (s v)
Microtech [GS-35F-0629R] (s d 8a dv)
Nelson White Systems Inc. [GS-35F-0277R] (s w)
NovaStar Solution [GS-35F-0356U] (s
Snader and Associates, Inc. [GS-03F-4105B] (s)
Street & Co. LLC. [GS-03F-0031P] (s)
Synnex Corporation [GS-35F-0143R] (o)
Technical Innovation, LLC [GS-03F-0010R] (s)
TriTech Communications Inc. [GS-03F-0074X] (s)
Vellicom, Inc. [GS-07F-9998H] (s w)
VisonWorkx [GS-03F-0028S] (s d)
York Telecom Corporation [GS-35F-0493K] (s d)