Expedited Ordering Process for US Government Customers

AMX now has a dedicated government ordering process, making any US government customer a priority in the fulfillment process. It’s as simple as emailing amxgovorders@harman.com. Integrators and partners should use this email address when submitting government client project orders. This includes US federal (CONUS & OCONUS), state, and local government orders. An email to this dedicated address provides expedited order fulfillment and ensures the warranty extension is granted on qualified government orders.

Program Details:

  • To place government orders and receive priority in the fulfillment process email: amxgovorders@harman.com
  • This program applies to our US federal (CONUS & OCONUS), state, and local government customers
  • All orders will be reviewed by AMX to ensure they are a government project and will require the following information:
    • Government Entity
    • Project Name
    • Project Location & Physical Address
    • End User Contact Details (Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address)