Collaboration Technology in Small Spaces

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To be competitive, organizations need to optimize floor space and accommodate an increasingly mobile workforce. Fortunately, conference room collaboration technology can be an ideal solution by enabling organizations to convert their smaller spaces into more productive areas for collaborating. This white paper describes this environment and provides some simple steps you can take to make your small spaces more productive.

You will learn:

  • Why organizations are re-thinking their floor space plans
  • How to deploy technology in small spaces without breaking the bank
  • How you can cost-effectively set up all your small spaces for web conferencing

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Sneak Peek

"Everybody knows that the use of mobile devices is skyrocketing. A recent study showed that the typical mobile worker now carries 3.5 mobile devices, up from 2.7 the previous year. Most workers carry a smartphone, tablet and laptop. Over 40% of workers carry a separate phone for personal use. Some carry e-readers, digital cameras or handheld video games. And the list continues to grow: There are now more mobile devices on Earth than people!"