Technology Manager's Guide to AV over IP

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It's an IP world. Gone are the days of distributing AV content over proprietary networks using point-to-point wiring. Now AV content is like any other content, leveraging your existing IP network infrastructure for efficient routing. While IP brings obvious advantages, it also comes with certain pitfalls that AV and IT managers must learn to confront proactively.

You will learn:

  • How to establish network security best practices
  • How to evaluate different systems and products in the AV over IP space
  • How to responsibly move AV onto the IP network

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Sneak Peek

"'One of the most important things that a tech manager has to be able to do is to understand what that security conversation needs to be,' said AMX by Harman's IT and AV security expert Paul Zielie. 'I'm getting calls from universities and companies that have had devices on their network for four or five years and are failing a security audit for the first time because the security organization just ignored the AV stuff because they didn't understand what it did. But they don't have the option to ignore it anymore.'"