The Evolution of Meeting Room Technology

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Many of us remember the days when meeting room technology was nothing more than an overhead projector for displaying transparencies. That's a far cry from today's technology, which enables meeting participants to manage a baffling variety of content sources and devices. This white paper explores this technological evolution and focuses on how meeting room technology is moving into a new phase where access to content is paramount.

You will learn:

  • How we moved beyond the "PowerPoint and Projector" paradigm to a new world of rich content
  • How the Room PC morphed into the content hub in conference rooms, and why it's not suited for that role
  • What types of new technology are arriving on the market to alleviate the woes of managing a baffling array of content and devices in meetings.

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Sneak Peek

"Modern organizations are rapidly moving beyond the days when a presentation during a meeting or class was limited to PowerPoint slides shown via a projector connected to a laptop. The primary drivers of this new behavior, the explosion of rich content and the BYOD revolution, have conspired to make multimedia meetings much more exciting — and more difficult to manage."