Workbook to Security and Networked AV

Download the essential IT security workbook for implementing networked AV


Until recently, the IT department didn't need to be concerned about AV equipment or control, nor did the AV department typically discuss AV equipment or control deployments with the IT department. With the growing sophistication of security threats and the rise of more and more connected devices, that has changed. It is now critical for AV and IT departments to understand how to talk each other's language, because the health of the institution depends on its level of security. This vital guide, put together by a leading expert in AV/IT security, provides the information you need to know for a successful and secure deployment.

You will learn:

  • How to create a security checklist
  • The definition of important terms and protocols
  • Networked AV security best practices using case studies
  • How to address the overall impact on the institution, including methods to interview and hire the right team

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Sneak Peek

"While it is important to have established best practices and base security settings, security is always in support of business goals. The amount of effort, time, and cost that is spent on security depends on what the business goals are and the assets they need to protect, which vary between organizations and often between applications within an organization. There is no one size fits all security profile."