Clear Connect™ 6A Fluorescent Dimmer

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This Product is Available Only in the U.S. and Canada.

The Lutron Clear Connect 3-wire Fluorescent Dimmer is rated at 6A, requires a neutral wire and will control up to 60 ballasts. When added to a Clear Connect System the Dimmer provides light control to virtually any location, without pulling wires.



  • Clear Connect Enabled – Lutron's patented RF Technology uses a quiet band, essentially free of interference ensuring reliable communication between system devices
  • Perfect Way to Add Light Control – Easily integrates with existing electrical infrastructures – simply replace the light switch
  • Simple Web Configuration – Browse to the NetLinx® Clear Connect Gateway URL to quickly setup the Clear Connect Enabled dimmer


FG Numbers FG2606-12-WH

Recommended Accessories

  • CCD-RD

    Clear Connect™ 120V Accessory Dimmer