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version 3.3, updated: Jan 2019
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  • Device Interrogation (ability to monitor device status in RMS) now supported.
  • Adds "enabletelnet=1 or 0" to

NOTE: If you are upgrading from the initial version of Novara RMS (1.0.38), you must save a copy of your existing file as the initial version did not preserve the file. Starting with 1.0.54, the installer will no longer overwrite for future upgrades.

Known Issues:

Any change of a Novara 3000 series controller's "RMS Peer Group" or "Device Name" requires restarting the RMS proxy application.

If the IP address of a keypad that was previously connected to the RMS proxy is changed the RMS proxy application must be restarted.

If a controller is added in RMS and the "device name" is changed on the keypad to display updated information regarding the "device name" the room should be deleted and re-added in RMS.

Multi-language support has passed limited testing. English has been thoroughly tested.

Multi-platform support has passed limited testing.

Please see the manual for specific information about the languages and platforms that have been tested with the RMS proxy.

Hot Fix for the Novara RMS 3.3 Application (v.1.0.71 Available from AMX Technical Support)

Changes in this release:

  • Added Source Usage and System Power tracking based on button feedback (LED) state.
  • Buttons with names starting with 'Select' including custom name buttons will be added to the source usage tracking list in RMS. Usage is tracked in whole minutes.
  • Buttons with 'Power On' & 'Power Off' will track as System Power in RMS.
  • Removed unneeded debug messages and improved others.
  • Resolved issue with scheduled events and execute function where button #1 wouldn't be executed.
  • Resolved an issue where custom button names weren't getting sent to RMS.
  • New Windows Service wrapper. CP-RMS now comes with its own JVM independent of Java version installed on Windows. Resolves issues of 32/64bit JVM compatibility.
  • Improved communication with RMS in the case where a room has no appointments RMS send no reply.
  • This was causing the communication maintenance cycle to think that the connection to RMS was dead, triggering unnecessary offline/online events.
  • Fixed Msg On/Off command not working every time.
  • Improved communications compatibility with RMS 3.
  • Updated communications for RMS 4.
  • Fixed issue where communications with RMS and Keypads would be interrupted just after midnight.
  • Fixed issue where communications with RMS and Keypads would degrade over time requiring a service restart to recover.
  • All IP communication is now Async eliminating locks and slow down under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue where scheduled macros didn't fire.
  • Removed limitation of 255 keypads in config file. It's now 999.

Hot Fix for Novara RMS 3.3 (v.1.0.78 Available from AMX Technical Support)

Changes in this release:

  • Improvements to Keypad connectivity maintenance
  • Fixed situation where sometimes new/updated keypad info wouldn't make it to RMS until CP-RMS was restarted
  • Fixed serial number being overwritten with "n/a" in RMS
  • Fixed keypad version number not making it to RMS
  • Optimized JVM memory settings


Known Issues:
Because the serial number is now making it to RMS properly keypads may appear as new keypads in RMS and will need to added and assigned.

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Novara RMS (discontinued)