RMS-ENT-CLOUD (discontinued)

RMS Enterprise Hosted Cloud Service

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RMS-ENT-CLOUD / RMS Enterprise Hosted Cloud Service is a cloud-based software application for IT and AV managers that provides remote management capabilities for AV assets and building systems. The software features a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to centralize the management and monitoring of AV equipment, lights, HVAC and other building functions. This allows users to solve technology issues before they become problems, such as identifying displays before a bulb burns out or receiving immediate notification when a device goes offline.

RMS-ENT-CLOUD is a subscription-based service that allows users to take advantage of all the benefits and features of the RMS application without installing and managing the physical server infrastructure. RMS Enterprise Hosted Cloud Service integrates with RPM software to facilitate a total cloud based development, integration, and management software suite. Since it's cloud-based, there's no maintenance required, it's easy to acquire and has virtually no startup time or up-front cost.

RMS-ENT-CLOUD includes a long list of standard and customizable reports, and gives you the ability to tailor your experience with a fully-configurable dashboard with easy-to-use widgets.

Common Applications

  • RMS-ENT-CLOUD is a robust solution for corporate or government IT and AV managers to centralize the monitoring and management of AV devices and building systems across their facilities worldwide, without installing and managing the physical server infrastructure
  • RMS-ENT-CLOUD is ideal for support staff at higher education institutions for managing classroom AV technology from a cloud-based solution
  • RMS-ENT-CLOUD is perfect for small companies with a limited number of meeting spaces who want to remotely monitor and maintain their AV systems from the cloud




  • Monitor and Maintain – Minimize help desk calls and simplify troubleshooting by centrally managing AV systems just like IT systems
  • Reports and Dashboards – RMS includes the industry’s most versatile set of configurable reports and dashboards, allowing organizations to customize the performance metrics they want to view, when they want to view them
  • Easy Acquisition with No Startup Time Or Costs – Provides the fastest and easiest path to monitoring and management
  • Virtually Maintenance Free – AMX handles the software maintenance, freeing your valuable support resources for other activities
  • Pricing As a Monthly Service – Eliminates up-front costs for purchasing and integrating the software
  • Seamless Integration with RPM – Makes it simple to add RMS to all your installations
  • Reduce Energy Costs by automatically returning equipment to its lowest energy usage state upon the meeting's end, or by remotely shutting down equipment at the end of the day


FG Numbers

FG3004-41 (Monthly Subscription Fee)
FG3004-KW (Hosted Service)

RMS-ENT-CLOUD (discontinued)

RMS Enterprise Hosted Cloud Service