Acendo Core Meeting Space Collaboration System Software v2.0.0.0

Last Updated: Aug 22

Product Name: Acendo Core, 5100 Series
FG#: FG4051-00 ACR-5100

Release Date: 2019-07-25
Device ID: 495

IMPORTANT MUST READ NOTE - Installation Advisory
This update is significantly larger than a typically update. An update is typically 200-400MB, this update is 2GB.
The download time from AMX Update Servers and the time of installation is significantly longer than normal,
largely because of the installation of 3rd party apps and large-file language packs.
Please allow up to 60-90 minutes for complete download and installation. Future firmware updates will be much smaller
and will not include these language packs and 3rd party apps

Release Features
-- Added support for several International languages in the Acendo Core UI and embedded keyboard
• UK English (en-GB)
• German (de-DE)
• French (fr-FR, fr-CA)
• Dutch (nl-NL)
• Japanese (ja-JP)
• Korean (ko-KR)
• Chinese (zh-CN, zh-TW)
• Swedish (sv-SE)
• Finnish (fi-FI)
• Danish (da-DK)
• Spanish (es-ES, es-MX)
• Italian (it-IT)
• Portuguese (pt-BR)
• Norwegian (nb-NO)
• Czech (cs-CZ)
• Polish (pl-PL)
• Vietnamese (vi-VN)
-- Updated screen sharing app (v2.1.46) to maximize presentation reliability and connectivity strength
-- Updated back-end software components (Java SE 8u181, VLC 3.0.4, MS Visual C++ 2017) and drivers (Wifi)
to implement latest security patches
-- Updated web browser to support TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0
-- Import/Export of Acendo core settings will now include the background Image
-- MS Teams now supported

Bug Fixes
-- Fixed meeting URL bug in One-Touch Zoom feature which caused some meetings to not register properly
-- Added ability to make outgoing Zoom call (not just one-touch intiated) in "Applications" menu
-- Skype app now launches at session start

Known Issues
-- The Room Scheduling feature, Room Grouping, requires network traffic management when using both NICs
-- The playback of 4K video content is not fully supported

Supported Application Known Issues
-- Skype for Business - Search and Address Book may not populate
-- Skype for Business - When Core is connected to a 4K display, Skype for Business screen sharing has lag
-- Remote Desktop Client - When Core is connected to a 4K display and remoting into a lower resolution target system, windows and text may appear small
-- Windows 10 Share - May be confused by an end user with the Acendo Core Email Share feature
-- Google Cast - Some Android devices are not fully supported for wireless sharing, and may experience stuttering and connection issues
-- Anti-Virus software - May disrupt the dual NIC internet traffic
-- MS Teams - Windows defender warning popup on first time meeting start

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