AVX-400 Twisted Pair Presentation Switcher Firmware v1.48

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: AVX-400 Twisted Pair Presentation Switcher Firmware v2.00. ×

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018

v1.48 Firmware:

  • Fixed "lockup" problem with input selection
  • Fixed issue with garbled data occasionally being sent to projectors
  • Fixed issue with misreporting projector On/Off Status in the DST command


v1.42 Firmware:

  • Removed squelching of duplicate commands sent to the attached projector via the serial port. Some projectors do not always receive commands correctly or are not ready to accept commands when it was sent by the AVX-400. The previous versions of AVX-400 would not resend the command if state did not change. This version removes that logic and always resends the command. This applies to the keypad button event processing as well as input serial port command processing.