DGX Control Panel Firmware (100 Series Compatible) v2.2.0p5

Last Updated: Jul 11

This firmware is required to upgrade a DGX 8/16/32/64 control panel to a DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 control panel to take advantage of new features in the DGX 100 Series CPU.

Enova DGX Input/Output Board and Endpoint Compatibility Instructions

Changes in this release

  • Initial release of the DGX 100 Series control panel firmware applicable ONLY to DGX 100 Series systems.
  • New feature to present realtime Upgrade Status feedback via the LCD. Also the control panel LED buttons will cycle on and off in a chaser pattern during the upgrade.
  • New Setup Options menu item to show additional Master and Switcher Information such as IP & MAC address, versions, serial number, etc. FUNCTION/SETUP OPTIONS/MASTER INFO
  • New menu item to allow embedded audio volume adjustment. FUNCTION/AUDIO ADJUST

Programming Information/Instructions

IMPORTANT: See DGX 100 Series Hardware Reference Manual for a complete guide on upgrading to a DGX 100 Series system.

NOTE: Update to Control Panel takes approximately 3 minutes.

To Upgrade a DGX Control Panel to a DGX 100 Series Control

Basic Upgrade Steps are:

  1. Upgrade Front Panel
  2. Install new DGX 100 Series CPU
  3. Upgrade enclosure and I/O boards with Kit 3.0.10 (or later)
  4. Upgrade endpoints with compatible versions as listed in DGX Kit

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