DGX DVI Fiber RX Module Firmware Field Upgrade Package v1.0.2

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


The firmware is packaged in DGX_DVI_RX_v1.0.2_Upgrade.zip file containing all archived pieces required to upgrade the device to the latest load. Please read the Instructions.txt file for a detailed upgrading instructions.

Host software v1.0.0 or v1.0.1 must be installed and running before DGX_DVI_RX_v1.0.2 can be installed. Host software is factory installable only.

Checking following three items requires use of the USB port; for details on using the USB port, see the product's Installation Manual.

  • The PIC hardware driver image is compatible with host software version 1.0.1 and earlier. You can check the host software version installed on your DGX module by inspecting the splash screen info available at the USB port.
  • PIC hardware driver version DGX_DVI_RX_1.0.2 is compatible with DGX DVI RX module hardware reporting a hardware id value of 02 or less. The hardware id value may be observed from the USB splash screen in the [hardware id] field.
  • The software images provided in this upgrade package will generate the following splash screen. This is accessible from the USB port by executing the ~scr! command (see Product User 's manual for details of use of the USB port.)
    • [Accessory Module] AMX AutoPatch DGX DVI RX
      • [host software] 1.0.1
      • [hardware driver] 1.0.2
      • [hardware id] 01
      • [FPGA code] 0001001C
      • [build date] Nov 30 2010, 08:12:19
    • [Temperature Sensors]
      • [ambient] 33c
      • [core] 50c

Changes in this release:

  • HGRX can get stuck in Pixel Dereplication mode when input video switches away from an ATX source
  • HGRX - Pure PCLK video corruption
  • Implement Algorithm enhancement used in Hood for Bug DGXXLHW-171 VR/HR continuous scrolling

Known Issues:

  • RS-232 data line active while switching upstream.Serial Data lost when Digital Audio change event happens.
  • Can't communicate using some USB hubs. USB comm port does not get reestablished on a power cycle.
  • ATX 1.0.2 Upstream video switch with audio in the system can cause double mute.
  • Rx: basic interlaced VTOT off ±1 in bypass mod.