DGX HD-15 Fiber TX Module Firmware Field Upgrade Package v1.0.4

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018


  • APG: FW Patch for DGX HD-15 TX appcode.
  • APG: New FW Version: DGX HD-15 v1.0.4. NOTE: v1.0.3 will not be released and has been skipped deliberately.
  • APG: FW field upgrade package is updated with new FW patch appcode images. For web.
  • This release patches the appcode portion of the combo image. The new combo image will have the same bootloader (v1.0.1pre1) and a new appcode (1.0.4pre1).
  • NOTE: Bug HG-237 can be alleviated in the field with the BoardConfig utility and a BoardConfig preset file that supports video format 576i50 PAL(B/G/I). This information is stated in the Readme.txt file supplied with the field upgrade package. Customers will request the preset file from TECH SUPPORT who, in-turn, can obtain it from the SW Dev department. Although the field upgrade package is attached to a BOM item affected by this ECN, the preset file is not part of that upgrade package nor is it attached to this ECN nor any affected item.

Files attached should be used for validation.

Reason for Change:
FW HOTFIX for Bugs.

  • Fix Bug BZ9210 - YPbPr 480p60 (formatID 9210) has incorrect CTRLflags and LINE_START register values in table
  • Fix Bug HG-218 - YPbPr 576p50, 576i50 have the incorrect ABLC start value
  • Fix Bug HG-230 - some video sources are unable to read the EDID on the transmitting deviced
  • Fix Bug HG-233 - DGX TX (HD-15 transmitter) unit not passing component encoded in PAL 50Hz (b/g/i)
  • Fix Bug HG-236 - Register values in the firmware lookup table that match the PAL format from the AMX MAX-AVP video input create a video stream hard for the Rx to interpret in bypass mode
  • Fix Bug HG-237 - Added 576i50 PAL b/g/i format generates poor quality video