DVX-2100HD Master Firmware v4.1.404

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: DVX-2100HD Master Firmware v4.1.420. ×

Last Updated: Mar 14


To use the new LOG and math functions described below, you must compile your code using NetLinx Studio version 3.3 or later.

You must be running the DVX Switcher device (5002) with at least v1.4.41 prior to upgrading to this firmware level.

Programming Instructions
Prior to upgrading from firmware versions earlier than 4.1.371 it is strongly recommended that you take the following precautions to prevent potential permanent flash corruption during the upgrade process:

  1. Disable the NetLinx program execution via Dipswitch 1 (ON) or load on empty NetLinx program
  2. Ensure Dipswitch 3 is OFF
  3. Disconnect any device from the program port
  4. Reboot the master

While the KIT file is downloading do not interact with the master via Telnet or the Web interface.

After the firmware transfer completes it will take several seconds before the unit reboots. DO NOT power cycle the DVX until the reboot is complete and all device come back online.

When upgrading to 4.x.x firmware from pre-4.x.x firmware for the first time, the upgrade process and subsequent reboot can take considerably longer than usual.

Firmware should be loaded in the following order:

There is no change to the DVX Device firmware (device 5001), but if upgrading this firmware:

    1. Load SW2105_NI_X101_Device_v1_30_8.kit to the NI device normally 5001) via NetLinx Studio and reboot the Master
    2. Load SW1905-01_Master_v4_1_355.kit (or higher) to device 0 via NetLinx Studio and reboot the Master

There is no change to the DVX Switcher firmware (device 5002), but if upgrading this firmware:

  1. Load SW1905_DVX_KIT_DVX_2100HD_SP_T_v1_4_19.kit to device 5002 via NetLinx Studio and reboot the Master

It's recommended that audio and video configurations be reset to factory defaults. Please refer to the Operations Reference Guide for detailed instructions.

If you are downgrading to a version prior to this (pre-v4.1.410), you should first downgrade the DVX Switcher to a version earlier than v1.4.41. Otherwise communication between the two devices may become disrupted.

Changes in this release

  • Fixed sub-menu access in SSH command sessions so that <cr><lf> is correctly handled.
  • Fixed SMTP_SERVER_CONFIG_SET function to properly save configuration values.
  • Moved Clock Manager classes back to com.amx.duet.core.master package
  • Fixed Level feedback processing for Duet virtual devices
  • Fixed master lockup involving very fast device online/offline cycles
  • Fixed SMTP_SEND to properly handle the message body text string length
  • Corrected the spelling of Brisbane on Time Zone web page.
  • Fixed time transmission to connected AMX devices when running in Network time mode.
  • Fixed G4WebControl to properly work in IE with Windows 64-bit
  • Updated G4WebControl ActiveX Certificate
  • Fixed Ethernet driver to prevent lockups in high traffic networks
  • Fixed failure condition with MVP9000 ONLINE processing at startup
  • Fixed Java Socket.connect(addr,timeout) to proplery handle connection.
  • Corrected a very rare warm boot issue at elevated temperature for DVXs with 256MB of FLASH.
  • Corrected an issue related to long log messages in Java modules that could cause all devices to fall offline.
  • Corrected an issue related to high bursts of logging that could cause all devices to fall offline.
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly opening and closing IP_SERVER sockets could prevent socket ports from being recycled resulting in too many open sockets.
  • Corrected an issue that increased the likelihood for ICSLan and DXLink devices to go offline in environments with heavy network traffic.
  • Corrected an M2M issue introduced in the ICSLan and DXLink fix that causes the Master to Master (M2M) to fall off line.
  • Improved the reliability of using the https (secure sockets) web interface. Prior to this fix the web interface often required multiple refreshes to successfully render the the page.
  • Added ACK/NAK/Retry processing when sending and receiving messages between the Master and the Switcher to ensure reliable delivery of messages. ACK/NAK/Retry processing only occurs between the master and the switcher and uses a dedicated message buffer. Adding this processing impacts the transfer rate of switcher parameters. This is noticable when accessing the switcher web pages. It can take as long as 30-40 seconds to populate all of the parameters. Prior to this change it typically took about 10 seconds to populate all the parameters.
  • Corrected LDAP checking to be case insensitive to match behavior of LDAP and NX masters
  • Added support for IPv6 when displaying an NX master's IP address through DATA.SOURCEIP in a M2M connection
  • Removed debugging account to prevent security vulnerability
  • Fixed SSL certificate generation/request creation to accept non-default values
  • Fixed switcher web page display issue


Known Issues 

  • The DHCP lease information displayed via Telnet/Terminal "get ip" does not reflect the actual time the lease was acquired nor when it will be renewed/released.
  • If a Duet module, while loading during boot time, produces a Telnet error message: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/xmlpull/v1/XmlPullParserFactory" you should update the Duet Module to the latest version.
  • Must use iWeather v1.1.6 or higher to operate correctly on 4.x.x firmware.
  • IE security does not allow G4WebControl to install by default and IE8 64-bit is not supported.