DVX-315x/215x Switcher Firmware v1.6.62

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: DVX-315x/215x Switcher Firmware v1.6.76. ×

Last Updated: Mar 14


  • NX Device 5001: FW v1.1.28 or later
  • NX Master FW v1.3.44 or later


Programming Information:

  • None


Changes in this release:

  • Fixed zip files - had extra characters in it that prevented RMS from working.
  • Resolved multichannel PCM audio issue
  • Resolved issue with noise on analog audio outputs while streaming digital audio
  • Resolved issue with selecting between analog input types on the multiformat input cards
  • Resolved issue related to sources going in and out of sleep modes
  • Resolved HDMI output muting problem when switching between two DXLink inputs
  • Resolved audio problem where HDMI outputs still passed audio when "None" is selected as the input
  • Resolved issue where spurious black screens would appear on outputs
  • Resolved pink tint being observed on video outputs
  • Resolved issue where HDMI audio would not be present after a reboot
  • Resolved issue with occasional pink screens occuring on the DXLink outputs
  • Resolved spurious delayed video switches
  • Resolved issue where the output would get muted if you switched to an HDCP source while the logo was selected
  • Resolved issue where video would get corrupted if you switched between two valid inputs while the logo was turned on then turned it off
  • Improved HDMI output processing to prevent video loss requiring power cycle
  • Improved input card detection and noise rejection for certain source devices during sleep mode and hot plug events
  • Fixed ?OUTPUT-xxx,nn command to accept highest port number
  • Fixed HDMI audio pass-through issue that caused suprious muted audio
  • Made further improvements to input detection and noise reduction algorithms on the HDMI input card
  • Improved analog audio input to HDMI audio output
  • Fixed scalar issue that caused some custom logos to appear distorted
  • Improved compatablity with Display Port sources on HDMI inputs
  • Fixed issue where brightness and contrast image adjustments were not always persistent
  • Reduced the time it takes to display a blanking image after there is a signal loss on the multi-format input card
  • Added a VIDIN_HDMI_EQ command to enable or disable the equalizer on HDMI input ports. This does not apply to the DXLink or Multi-Format inputs. The recommended value is DISABLE, but in scenarios where longer HDMI cables are used, this feaure can be enabled to help resolve flickering video. The query ?VIDIN_HDMI_EQ is available as well.
    • Syntax: SEND_COMMAND <DEV>, "'VIDIN_HDMI_EQ-<option>'"
    • Variables: option = ENABLE, DISABLE (default = DISABLE)
      • Enables the HDMI Equalizer of video input port (#1 based on D:P:S)
    • Fixed the VIDOUT_ON command. Using the ENABLE option multiple times in a row would cause video dropouts.
    • Improved video detection algorithm on HDMI input cards


Known Issues:

  • None