Enova DGX 8/16/32/64 Firmware Upgrade Kit v2.0.6

Last Updated: Sep 28

Product Name: Enova DGX 8/16/32/64 Enclosures

=========== ======================  ======================
FG #	    Name       		    Description 
=========== ======================  ======================
FG1058-08   AVS-ENOVADGX8-ENC       Enova DGX 8 Enclosure
FG1058-16   AVS-ENOVADGX16-ENC      Enova DGX 16 Enclosure
FG1059-32   AVS-ENOVADGX32-ENC      Enova DGX 32 Enclosure
FG1059-33   AVS-ENOVADGX32-ENC-A    Enova DGX 32 Enclosure
FG1060-08   DGX8-ENC		    Enova DGX 8 Enclosure
FG1060-16   DGX16-ENC		    Enova DGX 16 Enclosure
FG1060-32   DGX32-ENC-A		    Enova DGX 32 Enclosure
FG1060-64   DGX64-ENC		    Enova DGX 64 Enclosure

 If sending this kit to a DGX 8/16/32 with 
 v1.6.5.13 (or earlier), you MUST FIRST send 
 the following kit to the Enova DGX enclosure:
 (This takes around 1 minute to complete)

  See the Programming Information section in this 
  read me for an explanation of how to know when 
  the upgrade is complete as well as estimates of
  the time required for the update to successfully 
  upgrade.  Ignoring this information could cause
  your upgrade to fail to complete.

Current Firmware Version: 2.0.6
Build Date: 2017-09-22

Website Availability: EnovaDGX_2.0.6.kit
Device Id: 5002

EnovaDGX KIT file 2.0.6 contains these firmware images:

* Indicates changes since v2.0.4

- MCPU 8 NI-Series          v2.6.2.2
- MCPU 16 NI-Series         v2.6.2.2
- MCPU 32 NI-Series         v2.6.2.2
- MCPU 8 NX-Series          v2.8.2.4
- MCPU 16 NX-Series         v2.8.2.4
- MCPU 32 NX-Series         v2.8.2.4
- MCPU 64 NX-Series         v2.8.2.4
- Power BCPU 8 NI-Series    v2.2.2.1
- Power BCPU 16 NI-Series   v2.2.2.1
- Power BCPU 32 NI-Series   v2.2.2.1
- Power BCPU Nx-Series      v2.4.1.6
- DGX Center Board          v2.0.2.3
- SC Fiber Input            v2.0.0.6
- SC Fiber Output           v2.0.1.2
- DVI/HDMI Input            v1.0.8.1
- DVI/HDMI Output           v1.2.6.2
- DXLink Input              v1.2.5.1
- DXLink Output             v1.2.3.2
- DGX AIE Board             v1.0.0.4
- DGX64 AIE Board           v2.0.1.1
- 6p switch                 v1.0.2.1
- 24p Config                v1.2.1.1
- 24p ext Board             v1.0.0.2
- DXLink Rx FW              v3.0.6.0
- DXLink Tx FW              v3.0.6.0
- DXLink Fiber Fw           v1.0.1.4
- Output Scaler             v1.8
- SRM File                  v1.0.5.1

- Integrated App            v1.2.1.15

- SW1058_Master_v4_2_395.KIT (NI-Series) or later must be 
  loaded on the Master before this KIT file can be loaded 
  for Enova DGX 8/16/32 MCPU v2.6.x.x or earlier boards.
  Shows in Online Tree as "NI Master" 

- SW1060_Master_v1_3_106.KIT (NX-Series) or later must be 
  loaded on the master for the Enova DGX 8/16/32/64 
  MCPU v2.8.x.x boards. Shows in Sutdio as "DGX Master" 

- NetLinx Studio v4.0 is required to work with the 
  NX-Series DGX Masters.

Note: Endpoint firmware should NOT exceed the following 
versions whenever when using DGX FW version 2.0.x/
- DXLink DX-TX v1.6.x 
- DXLink DX-RX v1.9.x
- DXLink DXF-TX v1.2.12
- DXLink DXF-RX v1.2.1

Changes in this release
DXLink Input 
 - Updated firmware to support alternate flash memory parts
   NOTE: Boards using these new parts will not function with 
   firmware earlier than v1.2.5.1 - Do not roll back.

DXLink Output
  - Improved ethernet switch monitoring to prevent offline 
    issues with RX on system power up

Known Issues 
- A wait of 15seconds is required when Hot Swapping DGX 
  I/O boards

- DGX Configuration Software
      The DGX Config Software has not been tested with any 
      non-English versions of Windows XP or Windows 7.

- DXLink Tx Fw v3.0.6.0 
     The ‘show stats’ DGX Shell command (or “show vs100 
     stats” from the DXLINK TX/RX telnet command) may 
     report some cable lengths approaching 100m as 255m. 
     This is a reporting limitation imposed by the chip mfr 
     for TX v3.0.6.0 and does not affect the functionality. 
     This applies to any DGX or DVX DXLink output, or any 
     DXLink TX/MFTX module or wallplate using this version.

- DO NOT USE THE "DGX_SHELL>reboot" command with older 
  ENOVA DGX 8/16/32 Enclosures with Power-One Power 
  Supplies that have the new CPU with NX-Series Master. 
  This WILL cause the cards to not power up and REQUIRE a 
  hard power cycle of the cage. Power-One supplies may be 
  identified in the ~scr6v3! or with the 
  "DGX_SHELL>power INFO" command by model number:
  e.g. model: FNP850-12ARG (Power-One Supply)

Programming Information
-  If sending this kit to a DGX 8/16/32 with v1.6.5.13 or 
   earlier, you MUST FIRST send the following kit to the 
   Enova DGX enclosure: "LOAD_BEFORE_SENDING_DGX_KIT.kit" 
   This takes around 1 minute to complete. Once completed, 
   refresh the System Online Tree and expand the 5002 
   device to verify that the Integrated Device version is
   now at v1.2.1.15 - Then send this DGX kit to complete 
   the system upgrade

- Upgrade time may take up to 2 hours. 

- The only reliable way to monitor the upgrade is to jump
  directly to the upgrade status page with the url:
  before initiating the KIT upgrade to monitor the runtime 
  upgrade status.

- It is recommended that you disable any program running 
  on the DGX or that you disable any program using the 
  Enova DGX BCSTunnel service before initiating the Enova 
  DGX KIT firmware upgrade. 

- It is also recommended that you disconnect/disable any 
  control system using the external serial connection(s) 
  during any KIT file upgrades.

- After the Upgrade Status page has indicated that the 
  Enova DGX firmware upgrade was successful and device 
  5002 has come back online, it is recommended that you
  power cycle the DGX to insure all endpoint devices come 
  back online properly.
- New HDMI/DVI Input boards will only work with v1.0.6.4 
  image or greater (v2.0.0.10 DGX KIT) or greater due to 
  hardware design change. It can be identified in the shell 
  “show” command with a hardware ID of 1 (HW_ID 0x1).

- New DXLink Fiber Input/Output Simplex Boards will 
  not be compatible with v1.2.0.x DXLink images or older. 
  Enova DGX KIT v2.0.0.8 or older will fail to load with 
  these boards present in the system.