Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 Firmware Upgrade Kit v3.2.19

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 Firmware Upgrade Kit v3.6.30. ×

Last Updated: Mar 15


  • NetLinx Studio v4.3.1519 or greater.
  • NX Series (X200) Master Firmware v1.4.90 or greater
  • Endpoints must have the following versions to make use of new features and async status improvements in this release:
    • DXLink DX-TX v1.8.28 or later
    • DXLink DX-RX v1.13.34 or later
    • DXLink DX-RX-4K v2.2.23 or later
    • DXLink DXF-TX v1.4.12 or later
    • DXLink DXF-RX v1.4.17 or later
    • Solecis SDX-X10-DX v1.4.9 or later
    • Solecis SDX-X14-DX v2.1.34 or later


NOTE: Older TX & RX firmware versions (1.6.xx & 1.9.xx) are specifically not supported with DGX 100 Series systems

Feature added in this release

  • Add support for 4K Solecis SDX-X14-DX switchers
  • Add ability to set 4K SDX and 4K RX ICSLAN port to be on the public or private network using existing commands:
    (Requires 4K Solecis v2.1.34 and 4K RX v2.2.23 (or later)


Changes in this release

  • MCPU
    • Fixed issue where the MCPU could send invalid AIE data to output ports not specifically set by AIE DIP switches
    • Corrected splash screen 4 reading of MTX driver revision
  • WebGUI
    • Corrected false tile data on 4K HDMI inputs
    • Corrected output HDCP status reporting following hotplug of to DXLink inputs
    • Improved output scaler format reporting
    • Fixed EDID reporting when switching between MFTX HDMI and VGA inputs
  • HDMI Input
    • Corrected issue where AIE state may not report correctly
  • HDMI Output
    • Fixed issue where upstream instability (hotplugs, garbage video, etc.) could result in HDMI outputs being stuck with black or blue video even when good video was present on other routed outputs
  • DXLink Input
    • Fixed issue where async notifications from upstream Solecis 2K switchers were being blocked
  • DXLink Output
    • Fixed issue where hotplugging Fiber Rx can cause DXLink output card to reboot
  • 4K HDMI Input
    • Corrected issue where WebGui can show false input tile info for input signal status
    • Fixed issue where BCPU reported itself as UNKNOWN
    • Modified power thresholds to avoid false alarm/warning
    • Improved Audio Details reporting for channel count, etc.
  • 4K DXLink Input
    • Corrected issue leading to video drop
    • Improved tuning values when enclosure has 4k Center to avoid video flicker
    • Improved Audio Details reporting for channel count, etc.
  • 4K DXLink Output
    • Corrected issue leading to card reset and/or video drop
    • Fixed hot carding issue leading to card reset
    • Improved audio handling to prevent loss of audio during upstream switching
    • Improved video transition and switch speed to 2K/4K RX
    • Fixed AIE issue leading to loss of embedded audio for cards in slots unassociated with specific AIE channels


Known Issues

Programming Information

  • Upgrade time may take up to 2 hours.
  • Enova DGX front panel v2.2.0 will provide real time status of the Enova DGX update.
  • The Enova DGX Master will provide real time status of the Enova DGX update. The Master's System -> Devices page has a "Switcher Update Status" button that will launch the status update page. This can be accessed at any time.

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