Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 Firmware Upgrade Kit v3.6.26

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Enova DGX 800/1600/3200/6400 Firmware Upgrade Kit v3.6.30. ×

Last Updated: Jun 21

Product Name: Enova DGX 100 series enclosures

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FG# Name Description
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FG1061-08 DGX800-ENC Enova DGX 800 Enclosure
FG1061-16 DGX1600-ENC Enova DGX 1600 Enclosure
FG1061-32 DGX3200-ENC Enova DGX 3200 Enclosure
FG1061-64 DGX6400-ENC Enova DGX 6400 Enclosure
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Enova DGX 100 series firmware v3.6.26

Firmware Images:
* Indicates changes since v3.4.6

- DGX MCPU BootLoader v1.0.8
- DGX MCPU App v3.6.1.0*
- 24p Config v1.2.2.1
- 24p Ext Board v1.0.0.2
- 6p Switch v1.0.2.1
- AIE v1.0.1.4
- Audio App v1.0.0.40
- Audio App (Dante) v1.2.0.4
- Audio BootLoader v1.0.0.4
- Audio BootLoader (Dante) v1.2.0.0
- Audio Input FPGA v1.14
- Audio Output DSP v1.0.0.9
- Audio Output DownMix v1.0.0.2
- Audio Output FPGA v1.14
- Center Board v2.0.6.1
- DGX Power v2.4.2.8
- DGX64 AIE v2.0.1.1
- DVI/HDMI 4K30 In v1.0.2.2
- DVI/HDMI 4K60 Input v1.0.1.3*
- DVI/HDMI 4K60 Output v1.0.1.3*
- DVI/HDMI Input v1.4.4.1
- DVI/HDMI Output v1.4.4.1
- DXLink 4K30 Input v1.0.2.5
- DXLink 4K30 Output v1.0.2.7
- DXLink Input v1.4.6.5
- DXLink Output v1.4.5.1
- SII9396 RX Microcode v1.4.0.2*
- SII9396 TX Microcode v1.3.0.4*
- SRM v1.0.5.1
- Scaler FPGA v1.17
- Valens Rx v3.0.6.0
- Valens Rx SB v3.1.2.0
- Valens Tx v3.0.6.0
- Valens Tx DWP-4K v3.1.2.0
- Valens Tx SB v3.1.2.0
- XG Rx/Tx v1.0.1.4

!! Before upgrading to this version please read the KNOWN
ISSUES in regard to AIE extraction on certain outputs.

- NetLinx Studio v4.3.1519 or later.

- NX Series (X200) Master Firmware v1.6.150 or later

Endpoints must have the following versions for best results:

- DXLink DX-TX v1.8.28 or later
- DXLink DX-RX v1.13.34 or later
- DXLink DX-RX-4K v2.2.23 or later
- DXLink DXF-TX v1.4.12 or later
- DXLink DXF-RX v1.4.17 or later
- Solecis SDX-X10-DX v1.4.9 or later
- Solecis SDX-X14-DX v2.1.34 or later

NOTE: Older TX & RX firmware versions (1.6.xx & 1.9.xx)
are specifically not supported with DGX 100 Series systems

Features in this release
- None

== Features added in previous web release 3.6.22 ==
- Support for 4K60 HDMI Input/Output boards

WebGUI (w/ Master v1.6.150)
- Created PreQual feature to block routes when the switched
video is invalid or unsupported
- Added feature to identify blocked or switched-but-inactive
routes with an amber banner on the I/O button
- Added ICSP query ?VIDOUT_BLOCKED with responses indicating
why the video is BLOCKED (see DGX manual for details)
- Added ICSP command response of UNSUPPORTED to VIDIN_STATUS
and VIDOUT_STATUS when video is not supported for that route
(i.e. 4k video to a 2k output)

4K60 HDMI Input/Output
- Initial release of 4K60 board firmware

Changes in this release
Note: This does not contain any hotfixes from v3.4.6-2

4K60 HDMI Input
- Fixed card failure issue when using Save Config feature
- Add detection for no audio condition
- Removed 'DGX_SHELL>set BCPU_debug_enabled' command
- Corrected 4K60 input board FG# reference: FG1061-542
- Fix video format summary fractional rate
- Force HDMI Mode on Backplane
- Video details status with new AVI InfoFrame
- Fixed WebGUI stale audio data using new Embedded Audio Status
- 3rd Party Source Device KSV Limitations, SPD Infoframes
- HDCP status update when turning encryption On/Off

4K60 HDMI Output
- Fixed card failure issue when using Save Config feature
- Removed 'DGX_SHELL>set BCPU_debug_enabled' command
- Corrected 4K60 output board FG# reference:, FG1061-552
- Fixed video format summary fractional rate
- HDMI YCbCr to DVI RGB color space fix
- Created AVI InfoFrame for DVI source to HDMI sink
- Fixed EDID Block-1 read failure
- Re-issue scrambling message after channel reset when needed
- Reset A/V channel if video is not locked, but TMDS clock is locked,
during RX video monitoring to deal with missed locking signal
- Imrpoved transition from Premium Content to non-Premium
- Restart scrambling when no Scrambling Status from Sink
- Reprocess RX video when VSIF is the only change after switch

== Changes in previous web release 3.6.22 ==
- Fixed Load Config failure if attempted before Save Config
- Fixed issue where Front Panel and BCS disconnect commands
weren't triggering async messages to the WebGUI

HDMI Input
- Fixed VIDIN_STATUS async notification for VALID SIGNAL

HDMI Output
- Remove A/V Mute check that would cause the output to be
stuck in a Muted state when used with 4K60 input boards

Known Issues

- The PreQual feature Pre-Qualifies the video signal AND
the planned route to insure (a) the video is valid and
(b) the output card and sink are capable of handling the
routed signal. An unavoidable side effect of this is
that DXLINK outputs, WITHOUT an endpoint attached, will
be BLOCKED by the switcher (since they can't report their
status). And that means that AIE extraction on an empty
DXLink output is not possible. It is best to use an
empty 2k HDMI output instead for AIE extraction on the
outputs. It is possible to disable the PreQual feature
as a last resort. Contact Tech Support for further
instructions on how to do this.

- The 4K60 I/O boards ONLY work with AIE cards in these
two scenarios:
(a) Extraction FROM the 4K60 INPUT card
(b) Insertion TO the 4K60 OUTPUT card

- 2K HDMI Inputs on DGX6400 inputs 33-64 (slots 17-32) have
a channel reversal bug for video detail notifications such
Contact Tech Support for hotfix image (v1.4.4.5) which will
resolve this issue.

Programming Information

- Upgrade time may take up to 2 hours.

- Enova DGX front panels with v2.2.0 provide real time
status of the Enova DGX update when the update starts.

- The Enova DGX Master will provide real time status
of the Enova DGX update. The Master's System -> Devices
page has a "Switcher Update Status" button that will
launch the status update page. This can be accessed at
any time.

- Note: DXLink "RX.c" Receivers are not supported by 4K DXlink
output cards. "RX.e" are supported for non-4K video content.

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