Inspired Signage XPress Player IS-SPX-1000 Firmware v2.2.6

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: Inspired Signage XPress Player IS-SPX-1000 Firmware v2.2.7. ×

Last Updated: Mar 15

Added support for the new IS-SPX-1300 device in the AMX branding.

Bug fixes:

  • Secure HTTP (i.e. HTTP over SSL/TLS) connections could hang in a busy loop when being closed if the server has already closed its side, eventually locking up all HTTP connections and wasting CPU. This is a regression that was introduced in 2.2.5 when fixing a possible hang of secure HTTP connections over unstable networks
  • Fix security vulnerability CVE-2012-5134 in libxml2 library
  • It was not possible to change the language of XPress when the current user was different from the one having installed XPress
  • Some of the character data may be hidden in the live XML view of the JavaScript debugger
  • XPress could crash when resizing an image with effects applied
  • Templates
    • Some of the fade out effects were not working, any content created with fade out effects need to be recreated with this new version of XPress to correct the issue
    • License information about third party components was outdated
    • Added 720p video support for future devices


Known Issues:
No known issues

Programming Information:

  • Updating software
  • Run the IS-XPress-2.2.6 installation program
  • Please note that your projects, devices and the license file are not lost during this procedure